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For more than twenty years husband and wife duo Over The Rhine have been crafting evocative, earthy songs and delivering them to their intensely loyal fans with a torchy, devil-may-care beauty. With Linford Detweiler’s deeply literary songwriting and Karin Bergquist’s unmatched vocals, the pair have found themselves royalty in an underground world of artist's artists. Pulling from a heritage of folk, jazz, ragtime, and classical music, Over The Rhine will draw you in for an evening you'll never forget.

Sima will - undoubtedly - live up to your expectations after winning a Rammie Award in 2013 for Best Show of the Year (with Marc Douglas Berardo). IT’S TIME for Bob Sima’s return to Rams Head On Stage to deliver another show you will remember for a lifetime.

Sima’s new album, IT’S TIME, is sure to speak to your heart and he is sure to deliver an evening’s performance that you don’t want to miss. The new album is a journey, in Bob’s own words…

"I feel like music is such a powerful tool to bring us out of darkness. Keep in mind that I first write these songs for me and then I get to share them with you. So the lesson is, first and foremost, mine each and every time. There is one chorus that ultimately inspired the entire album…

“We need your heart. We need it open wide. We need your brilliantly beaming, glowingly knowing goodness from inside. We need your beautiful smile and we need it right now. Because you’re the light of the world, the light of the world, and it’s time you figured it out. It’s time. It’s time.”

Here’s what two listeners had to say about IT’S TIME…

"If you're moved not "just" to sing along, but also to slow dance, play the buffalo drum, chant, cry, and remember who you are, you are probably listening to the new Bob Sima CD today. And trust me people, IT’S TIME!”

“My wife and I visited a dear friend in the Queenstown MD. She had two of your CDs (putalittlemoreloveintheworld and Thin Little Veil) and I began to listen to them and was blown away. She gave me the CDs and since then I’ve listened to each song dozens of times. Just when I thought this couldn’t get better IT’S TIME arrived. Boy, you blew this one out of the universe! It is truly GREAT! There have only been a few artists in my lifetime that have consistently touched me to my core and you are one of them. Thank you for such profoundly beautiful message filled music! WOW!”



For info on Over The Rhine's latest release: "Meet Me At The Edge Of The World" Click HERE

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