Bookhouse, MC Stealth (aka Blak Angel), LockStarr: The Anti-sHeRo, Sulfur


M.C.N.eye & Unspeakable (Bookhouse) are a "cosmically conscious" psychedelic hip-hop duo from Winston-Salem, N.C./Both have been booking,promoting,producing and performing D.I.Y. music since 2003/In late 2010-early 2011 emceeineye self-released the Rites eps (I,II,III)/later that year his older brother joined as backup and the two unveiled a full-length album in summer 2012, More Light Through...

MC Stealth (aka Blak Angel)

Born and raised in the South, MC Stealth uses her southern roots to make a combo of blues, hip-hop, and folk rock fusion, and will capture your heart with her honest energy and love for making music.

LockStarr: The Anti-sHeRo

Who is Lockstarr? She is a Lyrical, Over-the-top, Creative, Knowledgeable, Songwriter, and Timeless Artist who is both Raw and Relatable. Her effortless wordplay and message-driven lyrics combined with her unique vocal delivery give way to a prodigious cross appeal to lovers of all music genres. A native of Brooklyn, Lockstarr was exposed to hip-hop through cyphers and freestyles she witnessed on the block in her neighborhood. She began to pen poetry and short stories that prepared her for future endeavors in music, while drawing inspiration from the influence of artists like Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Nas and Jay-Z.

In 2003, Lockstarr relocated to Charlotte, N.C in the midst of the crunk era where Ying Yang Twins and Little Jon and the Eastside Boys were in heavy rotation. The culmination of her exposure to the storytelling of the New York music scene and the up-tempo high energy of down south mixes, combined with her dynamic rhymes over Neo-soul and rock beats, gave rise to the Lockstarr sound. “My music is multi-functional, but what I hope it does above all is inspire,” she reflects.

Since moving to the Queen City Lockstarr has procured a publishing deal with Beatzilla Entertainment and is currently a house producer for Lif Lyn Recording Studios, one of the city’s most prestigious recording institutions. Her catchy rhymes and ability to write, produce and perform original material has led to collaborations with some of North Carolina’s biggest artists including indie rock/urban-folk sensation Jocelyn Ellis, King Carter, Liz, and Fat Snacks drummer Tim Scott. She’s also taken the stage at a number of city-wide venues including The Evening Muse, Salvador’s and Spirit Square, consistently building a buzz throughout the Carolina’s. Her first single “Across the Sky” was featured on’s Artist Spotlight.

As a versatile rapper, Lockstarr continues to push boundaries via her thought-evoking lyrics and innovative production skills, possessing a keen ability to produce multiple genres of music. She’s also gearing up to expand the Lockstarr brand to an exclusive line of merchandise including book bags, sneakers, t-shirts and hats. With this being just the beginning of Lockstarr’s bright future in music, one may be left to ask, what will she do next? Stay tuned to the Lockstarr movement to find out!


Sean Church (AKA Sulfur) is a MC, producer, instrumentalist from Charlotte, NC.� He was born in the wilds and raised by rabid wolves.� He developed the ability to move things with his mind after ingesting water for several years that had been tainted by radioactive waste from the nearby Nuclear Power Plant.� He speaks 145 languages, plays 38 different instruments, spent several years as a mercenary and, despite being vegan, insists on eating the bodies of any humans he murders.



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Bookhouse, MC Stealth (aka Blak Angel), LockStarr: The Anti-sHeRo, Sulfur

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