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In the state of multiplicity, we will find Loveskills . This one-man industry of music, Richard Spitzer, discovers himself through the craft of songwriting - producing textures of therapeutic synth, low frequency bass, and a balance of melodic heart speak. While new love kills the desire to surrender, ambitious heartbreak sets the stage. Loveskills comes in waves, different perspectives from the same vantage point in the heart of the city.

Leverage Models

In the silence that followed the disintegration of his prior band, and with little advance warning or fanfare, Shannon Fields (Stars Like Fleas founder/producer, Helado Negro-collaborator), released the debut Leverage Models record in October 2013. This ecstatic & unhinged, club-centric, kitchen-sink pop music has since been praised by Pitchfork, Other Music, BrooklynVegan, Spin Magazine, and others. These magical realist meditations on political action, family abuse and private pain are set to intricate, lush music that recalls and re-fashions the warped echoes of ABC, Scritti Politti, The Associates, Happy Mondays, Japan, A Certain Ratio, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, and contemporary R&B, and are realized live by an immensely polished, rhythm-heavy live band, and an immensely un-polished frontman willing to demolish his body and ego onstage in search of authentic, human connection with rooms full of other human beings.

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Pompeya with loveskills, Leverage Models

Friday, December 13 · 8:00 PM at Cameo Gallery

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