Jason DeVore & Friends Acoustic Showcase

Jason DeVore

Jason DeVore was born in 1979, in Mesa Arizona (MTAZ), shortly thereafter he moved to Wyoming. When Jason was 11 years old he returned to Arizona to visit his father every year for the summer. It was on these summer trips home that Jason formulated a group of friends that would perspire into Authority Zero.

Devore, accepted the role as lead singer in Authority Zero and brought to this position, energy and a natural raw talent. Having never fronted a band before, he was enthused by the challenge and met it with great persistence. The band played out locally for the next 6 years. In 2000, Authority Zero was approached by Lava/Atlantic Records and signed a two record deal.

DeVore hit the ground running with his friends and band mates for the next 9 years, touring heavily around the world. In 2005, Authority Zero had grown in popularity, but DeVore still longed for growth musically. He started to focus on playing guitar more technically while singing simultaneously. Throughout this time DeVore's skill improved dramatically. Also bringing about new songs of a different style than he was accustomed to in Authority Zero. Having grown up in a punk rock mentality and musical taste, the new songs began to take a more melodic direction. Using his voice in way he had not yet tried nor attempted. After writing these songs he approached his good friend, Bryan Sandell with the tracks he developed.

Bryan had asked if he'd like to record the new songs and they did. This would begin a long journey together and is now known as DeVore's first solo acoustic album, "Conviction Volume I The Smoke House Sessions". Through the recording process, Jason began to pick up new instruments, everything from the saxophone to the Irish tin whistle for experimentation and diversity.

Bryan and Jason had then come up with the idea of starting a DIY style record label to release the album on. The label would come to be Operation Records. DeVore then began playing out locally as a solo acoustic act, drawing crowds from all walks of life. He also met a rhythm section, Evan (Bruiser) Brown and Dave at an open mic night. The three continued to play around the valley as a three piece and Devore would also perform solo.

Jason also formed an Irish folk punk band at this time, called The Bollox. The Bollox recorded an album and played out frequently, which rapidly grew a dedicated fan base. DeVore continued to focus on touring with Authority Zero as well as his acoustic music.

In 2007, DeVore had approached Sandell yet again with new songs and was eager to record. Throughout this time Sandell's recording skills and equipment had advanced which opened new doors for them both. They began recording again in between tour schedules and daily work and life. In 2010, after a lot of sacrifice and perseverance they completed "Conviction Volume II The Crooked Path".

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