Shedding Watts

Shedding Watts is a band formed of pure energy. Transformed from the previous 4stardaydream band, Shedding Watts has formed a new musical evolution that is focused on solid song writing, and high energy performance. The band has a musical repertoire that can yield live performances ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Shedding Watts is comprised of five members: Jake, Bo, Trey, Craig, and Taygun. Each member is an accomplished musician in their own right, and brings a unique flavor to a eclectic musical stir fry.
Formally known as 4stardaydream, the band has been together for three years, and has played all over KC, and Lawrence. Shedding Watts draws on musical influences from all sectors of music, rock, funk, hillbilly, and psychedelic. Music should, as Trey says, "take you there" and Shedding Watts is ready to take you on a ride to musicalation. Since the addition of bassist Taygun, the band has written new material, and is ready to provide a musical experience each time they take the stage. Jake, Bo, Trey, Craig, and Taygun, together known as Shedding Watts, will tune in, turn on, and rock out!

Slow Ya Roll

Slow Ya Roll was formed through multiple open mic nights for over a year and a half. The members jammed with many musicians until SYR was completed with just the right sound: David Hysten Jr. (Drums), Sean Walker (Bass), Elvin Graves Jr. (Vocalist), Justin Fowler (Keyboard/Vocals), and Bryan Schmutz (guitar). With a wide array of musical influences, SYR has found the ability to fuse individual styles and backgrounds into a sound of originality that people have been missing. SYR serves up an experience that makes you feel good and gets you moving.

$5.00 - $7.00


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Shedding Watts with Slow Ya Roll

Saturday, December 21 · 8:00 PM at Czar Bar