Antje Dukevot, Amanda Breese, Jenna Ellefson

Antje Dukevot

Antje Duvekot (AN-tyuh DOO-va-kot) is a German-born, American-raised singer-songwriter who has risen to the top of the competitive Boston singer-songwriter scene. Look for her new release coming February "the near demise of the high wire dancer."

Amanda Breese

Amanda Breese brings a different vibe to this night, straying from her folk, acoustic roots. After years of playing in the Portland music scene focusing on alternative acoustic and country music, Amanda felt the need to get a band together to play some her favorite songs that have never fit into her genre of music. This night brings some bluesy and rock covers from some artists you know and some you may not. With an all-star cast to back her up, this night is guaranteed to get you dancing!

Jenna Ellefson

I grew up in lush Oregon, beside waterfalls, amid tall trees and foxgloves. For a time I went to live beneath Colorado's breathtaking peaks and among dear friends in generous Montana's giving, varied, and beautiful country.

I laughed and dreamed under stars and on rivers and across snowy mountains. Then in the flowery spring of 2007, on a whim, I bought a little banjo...and suddenly all the poems I had been scribbling, and all the melodies I had been humming, and all the beautiful places I had seen spilled out over it's little plucky strings and finally...I had songs to sing.



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The Secret Society


Antje Dukevot, Amanda Breese, Jenna Ellefson

Friday, November 22 · Doors 8:45 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Secret Society