Montrel Richardson

Montrel Richardson

We are the CRAFT. The world that we live in is a magical place. It is a intriguing space, filled with beauty, wonder and compassion. Unfortunately, along side this appealing plane lays another. A space coexisting beside ours composed of ignorance and hate. We only strive to stay elevated, to float lightly upon a cloud drifting toward enlightenment. Our only hope is to establish a point at which we can reach out to our fellow man and extend an invitation. We welcome you to join us in spreading a message, a message of mercy and understanding. A message of will and resilience armed with nothing more then a positive outlook, our fans and our music. We believe it’s possible to move mountains, to achieve the impossible and shape this world into a conducive habitat, allowing imagination to run rampant and for love to flourish unrestrained.



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Ella Lounge


Montrel Richardson with The Craft

Thursday, December 12 · 7:00 PM at Ella Lounge