Anik Khan

When you hear the word Bangladesh in hip-hop, you expect the ever-present "a milli" beat to follow. However, to hip-hop's newest recruit, Anik Khan, (fka K-Prime), Bangladesh is more than a producer's signature drop, it is his birth country. Moving from Dhaka to Queens, New York at age three, Khan was immediately introduced to music and politics by his father who was a poet and a political representative in his home country.

Despite his political consciousness, east coast style and use of soul beats, Khan is not the type of artist who can be boxed in by a specific genre. "I am what people need me to be," says Khan, which is a trait that is shared by only those destined for greatness. Growing up listening to jazz, oldies and blues, Khan idolized legends such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. Hip-hop would later become a major influence on Khan, adding hip-hop legends Jay-Z and Nas to the list of those he would craft his art after. When one listens to "City Lights" and "Roll Up," Khan displays a smooth and coherent flow, allowing listeners to experience the music rather than simply hear it. Since the age of sixteen, Anik has been performing and appearing on mixtapes in New York, Philly, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Texas. He even earned a degree in recording arts engineering from the Orlando based Full Sail University, where he also appears in the school magazine ads.

Khan has worked with Rell (formerly of Rocafella Records) and Robbie Pardlo of the group City High. He has the kick-science-no-nonsense attitude of old school rappers, mixed with the fresh swagger a new school artist. With lyrical potency, head nodding beats and catchy hooks, Anik Khan is just what the game has been missing!

An artist beyond measure, and the nonchalant badass, L/\ is ready to be a leader in the Hip Hop revolution. Embarking on her rap journey in 2010 as just a spoken word poet with a passion for Hip Hop, L/\ decided to take the rap game into her own hands in her first ever cypher, "We Got Bars I", and has hit the ground running ever since. Born in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn as Latasha Alcindor, L/\ has always had a connection to the arts, including dance, photography, writing, acting, and now rap. She utilizes all of these skills as she cultivates her artistry. Since 2010, L/\ has written, directed and starred in her own play, "The Memoirs of Hip Hop", and performed in over 30 shows, including the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (2011), opening for Big Sean (2010), and headlining for Toronto, Canada's "YES YES YALL" New Year's Eve Extravaganza (2012). She was also featured in Rocawear's "That's Rocawear" campaign. In less than 2 years, her accomplishments have spoken volumes. With two mixtapes out, "The Presentation" and "The L.A. Riots: Mental Fatality", L/\ has shown exponential growth musically and is only getting better. As of recent, you can see L/\ in the Reebok x Sound and Style-sponsored all-female cypher, "The Freestyle", and amongst's "Top 25 Underground Artists of 2011". She is currently working on her next project, "L/\ Lytes", with her executive producer, London's own Freshnerd (of 100akres), due to release Spring 2012. If you were to ask L/\, a college graduate from Wesleyan University, why she does this? She would say," it's fate."

Gregory Stutzer

Cardigan Deville

Cardigan is a Hip Hop artist that was born and raised in the Mecca of Hip Hop, the Bronx New York. He grew up surrounded by the sound of the street, from late night block parties to impromptu freestyle sessions on the corner of his block. Hip Hop has been apart of his life from birth. He began writing as a preteen and has developed a style all his own. Cardigan even wrote rhymes while in his church choir, The Voices of Salem lead by the late Peggy Rush Cooper.

Cardigan is a graduate of (HBCU) Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. There he learned to strengthen his skills as an MC, performing in several Campus functions and throughout Columbia. While spending time learning the fundamentals of songwriting and engineering he began to take his own musical endeavors more seriously. He began shaping himself not only as an MC, but as an artist. He was able to write for all genres of music from Country to Gospel as well as Rap and R&B.

Cardigan was influenced by all the great MC’s that came before him, such as the late Notorious B.I.G. the late BIG L, Nas, KRS 1, and the Incomparable Jay Z. Through his passion for Hip Hop he developed a style and stage presence that can only be rivaled by the greats. His vocal inflections and uncompromising unorthodox flow will only take you deeper into his intellectual style. He is truly unique.

Cardigan has an undeniable New York Swag that resonates through every word you hear. He has impeccable writing ability that takes the listener on a journey. He can make the most stoic crowd get up. With his incredible club bangers and versatile lyrics he is going to stand alone and become one of Hip Hop’s premiere MC’s. His purpose is to give the world his brand of high quality material and add to the legacy of Hip Hop Music.

Cardigan has a distinct flow with an up tempo style that encompass witty metaphors, and a humorous narration that brings a realistic view of the underprivileged neighborhoods he speaks for. Cardigan is going to be a force in Hip Hop and he will make the World stand and take notice.


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