Physique, Pleasure Curses, Nicholas Nicholas, RUWA

Brian Donohoe Quartet

We're a band and music production crew from Austin. We like funk and jazz. We also like rock and roll. Mostly we like writing and playing original music that makes us feel something. We play at One2One Bar most Thursdays in Austin.
Nick Clark (bass), Matt Muehling (guitar), Carter Arrington (guitar), Brian Donohoe (saxophone/keys), Paul Deemer (trombone), Daniel Watson (drums).


Physique is KEAT+GETTY+SHANNON+JON Q. Evenings filled with deep and soulful jams and magical sweat beads.

Futuristic, yet nostalgic. Indie Rock Living Room Dance Party.

Pleasure Curses

Pleasure Curses are a self-established Washington DC / VA based electronic dance duo comprised of Evan Maxwell and Jahn Alexander, childhood friends who reconnected to make music a decade later after a chance meeting.

Nicholas Nicholas

Nicholas Nicholas is the hazy dark-pop project Brooklyn's Chris Masullo (also of Heavenly Beat)
Masullo self released his debut Comfort Falls in 2013 which was recognized by Portals Music as a "vaporware take on a John Hughes film" and "a gem a of lo-fi dream pop" by Decoder Magazine. Nicholas Nicholas' sophomore effort Wrong will arrive in August 2014



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Spike Hill

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Physique, Pleasure Curses, Nicholas Nicholas, RUWA

Wednesday, November 20 · Doors 6:30 PM / Show 7:00 PM at Spike Hill