Happy Lives, MH the Verb, AyoINMotion, Johnny October

Happy Lives

Neo Pop.

MH the Verb

I am a whiskey drinking, boat shoe wearing, MC/DJ/Producer who currently resides on a Megabus between a pair of imitation BeatsbyDre Headphones. Still in a committed relationship with my first love, Hip Hop. However, I tend to have affairs with other genres. My iTunes playlist consist of everything from Oasis to Immortal Technique. But, I'd rather experience music live. Or, recreate it with my band. My rhymes are more often about student loans then "ridin spinnaz". I won't own a chain. But, I'd totally rock a grill. Baseball is my favorite sport. Olivia Munn is my celebrity crush. And, I can quote all of season 3 of "The Wire". I vote because its my responsibility. I walk between the lady and the street. I live my life with passion and love. Follow the golden rule. And, I believe in Good People, Good Vibes, and Good Art. #BalloonU


The passion and energy embedded in AYo's lyrical content and performance presence commands attention and has captured the eyes and ears of both the hip-hop and spoken-word poetry communities. He's served on a panel with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, interviewed Russell Simmons for MTV, and toured nationally; performing at legendary venues like the The Shrine, Nuyorican Poet's Café, Stanford University, and Mendelssohn Theater at the University of Michigan.

AYo and The AY0INM0TI0N band play energetic live hip-hop music on a bed rock of jazz/afrobeat/soul infused instrumentals. Drawing from AYo's powerful lyrics and charismatic stage presence, the band is personified by amazingly talented musicians who believe that showmanship goes hand in hand with musicality. The lyrical content in AYo's music illustrates his experiences as a child growing up during military tyranny in Nigeria and subsequently moving to the inner city of Flint, Michigan. AY0INM0TI0N is a band to watch, feel and experience. His 5-piece band features a back-up vocalist, bass, guitar, keyboard, drums and an occasional horn section.

Johnny October

It took a cosmically improbable combination of circumstances to lead to what is now the music of Jonny October. His father is gifted in radio broadcasting, stage acting/directing and poetry. Mom is a professional Broadway voice coach, and brother Edward is a classically trained pianist. Growing up in this environment, with the vinyl of Harry Chapin, Paul Simon and Gordon Lightfoot spinning in the background, Jon forged a sound all his own: a combination of prose, poetry, stage presence and informed musicianship.


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Happy Lives, MH the Verb, AyoINMotion, Johnny October

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