The Hooten Hallers' Album Release!

The Hooten Hallers

The Hooten Hallers’ new album, Chillicothe Fireball, is the follow-up and natural progression to the 2012, full-length Greetings from Welp City. With new member Paul Weber (harmonica, tuba), The Hooten Hallers is now a dynamic three-piece that honed its songwriting craft to match its explosive on-stage performances. Chillicothe Fireball was recorded live in-studio to capture the energy of the band’s live shows. The album showcases the band’s diverse capabilities — from hard-driving, loud blues to acoustic country to sci-fi, spooky songs. Featuring friends on baritone and bass saxophone, piano, and pedal steel, this album is full of surprises. The Hooten Hallers venture into new territory and depth in their songs — all with the same ferocious energy that its fans have come to know and love.

On the surface, The Hooten Hallers appear to be a loud blues-and-hillbilly soul band. As with much else in the vast unknowable cosmos, that image deceives us. The Hooten Hallers are more likely a lost group of time-traveling extraterrestrials from places unknown to humanity. Some say they come from a planet where rock ’n’ roll isn’t dead — where blues is still played with soul. Others say they’re masked reptilian humanoids from deep within the earth. One fact remains: their powerful live shows and recordings must be witnessed to be believed.John Randall plays guitar more like a gunslinger than a musician, and his voice can be described as a cross between John Lee Hooker and a howler monkey. Andy Rehm, with his unique, stand-up drumming style, often resembles a man trying to beat a two-headed wolf to death while channeling the ghost of Minnie Ripperton to provide vocal harmony.

As a wandering musical alchemist, Paul Weber rescues ancient instruments from other ages and literally breathes new life into them. The album can be pre-ordered on 12” vinyl and CD from the band’s website,, with an expected shipping date in the first week of January. The album can also be purchased now on iTunes.

The band currently has a number of dates booked for December in the Midwest. In January and February, The Hooten Hallers will embark on a month-long tour of the Southeast. Those dates will be announced on the band’s website and Facebook. In 2014, the band will be touring — hard — all over the continental U.S. with the new album.

Rum Drum Ramblers

What does dirty punk rock and down-home delta blues have in common? In short, the genres both reflect "struggle music." That being said, it is no surprise that the three stalwart gentlemen that form the Rum Drum Ramblers were once mohawk sporting, studded jacket donning, snot-nosed punk rockers in much of their high school youth.

Trading drums for a "jingle-foot" and power chords for finger picking, the Ramblers have spent the past year bridging the gap between punk and blues. In good holding with the DIY attitude of the punk philosophy, the trio would just as soon perform on a street corner as they would a concert venue. Regardless of where you may find them, the first clue that you've stumbled upon a Rum Drum Ramblers performance will be the manic frenzy of the crowd.

The Rum Drum Ramblers are a hard working, self-made band and though they are young, the songs they write could easily be mistaken for a blues standard that was spinning on shellac seventy years ago. In a world where the blues has been fried, dyed, and laid to the side, the feel-good music of the Rum Drum Ramblers reminds us of why it was cool in the first place.

Jack Grelle & The Johnson Family

A Missouri-boy sing'n the songs of the road and the people he's surrounded by..

The Hobosexuals

p'sghetti western honky tonk for the dirtbag in you.

The Hobosexuals are every dirtbag that has ever spun drunk in a soybean field and fell in a pile of cow shit, every snot rocket that has ever put a dog on it, every heart breakin', money takin', tenacious, flirtatious man or women, every jobless hard workin jerk who loves to be here but has to get away. You too can be a Hobosexual!

The Hobosexuals describe their identity through anti fascist lullabyes, comedic outlaw induced rambling, bar fly lamentations, and dirtbag shanties. It embodies a mid-western attitude of self-made life, freedom, oppression, depression, and intoxication. Steeped in that long standing american music tradition, The Hobosexuals draw from Country, Blues, Folk, and Bluegrass.

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MINORS: $2 cash surcharge at the door for anyone under the age of 21.

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The Hooten Hallers' Album Release! with Rum Drum Ramblers, Jack Grelle & The Johnson Family, The Hobosexuals

Tuesday, December 31 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Blue Note (MO)

Tickets Available at the Door