Wess Meets West

Wess Meets West

Wess Meets West is an instrumental electronic infused rock band from CT. Initially, Wess Meets West was intended to be solely an electronic music project by Sam Stauff (My Holy Ghost, A Paper Tugboat). The project stayed this way until 2008 when bassist Bryan Gottshall and drummer Jesse Vengrove were recruited enabling the project to become a live band. In early 2010, bassist Erick Alfisi (ex-Forget Paris, A Paper Tugboat) and drummer Brian DiCrescenzo (ex-The Ghost Sonata, The Attending) joined to keep the project going in a live setting. With new members came a new sound and a new direction for the band. The culmination of these factors is the band's newest endeavor, "Chevaliers". "Chevaliers" is the band's most expansive effort, combining the creative influence of all the members, past and present, while pushing the sound to its furthest limitations. The ever-expanding lineup has recently grown to include Mike Howard and Nick Robinson. Wess Meets West will continue to explore new musical territories and tour the northeast in 2012.

Ports of Spain

"Ports of Spain present the listener with a sound standing firmly on the cutting edge, but with a feeling so natural one wonders why no ones done it before."
- Dirigible Press

"Winter's Teeth — a plinky, reverb drenched, airy, indie-rock song, replete with washes of background vocals tribal drums. The musical proficiency and layers of high quality production apparent on this track mark Ports of Spain as a band to watch."
- The Noise (Boston)

The Morning On Fire

After rapping up their newest E.P "For me, For You" The Morning On Fire is back on the circuit, excited to return to the stage as they move into their fourth year of touring and recording. Adored for their energetic and emotional performances, its hard to imagine that anyone is having more fun then them. Watching them dance across the stage, you can see the sincerity running through their veins, producing a high that isn’t replicable by any modern drug. They come across as some sort of mad-scientist/punk rock hybrids, delivering their music with force. Their energetic fusion of indie and post-rock is a treat to experience: it is like nothing you’ve heard before and everything you’ve been waiting to hear. From sweeping valleys, to monumental peaks... quiet whispers to the loudest calls, The Morning On Fire creates a unique sound-scape and invites you to break from the norm and come along for a while.



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