Digeometric, That Freak Quincy


Digeometric is a concept idea that bloomed in June of 2010. The formation of this group happened both spontaneously and sporadically. The music being created by Digeometric occurs in the same manner.

That Freak Quincy

Formed in August of 2012, That Freak Quincy set out with the goal to bring funky fun back to the live music scene. Calling Kalamazoo home, a city rich in music tradition, That Freak Quincy works to uphold that tradition with high quality musicianship and live performance. Each night more exciting than the last; flowing and ever changing with a new set every night. Join us and be part of the excitement as we jump right in to a full fall tour schedule, and gear up to spread the word of that freak, Quincy that is....

Business As Usual

Business As Usual is a four piece dance-rock band based out of Chicago, IL. Forming in 2013, they’ve spent the last year playing high energy, multi-set shows all over Chicago. Each BAU show is a one-of-a-kind experience, taking the listener on a musical journey. Seamlessly blending elements of rock, electronica, funk, dub, and even bits of ska, the genre-hopping quartet is able to launch off into sections of exciting and memorable improvisation as they guide through different odds and ends of their catchy compositions. You've just been warned, your next Business meeting is mandatory.



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Digeometric, That Freak Quincy with Business As Usual

Saturday, December 14 · 8:00 PM at Tonic Room