Nikki Hill

Nikki Hill

Those who have seen Nikki Hill sing her ass off agree—this isn't just another newcomer on the scene, this is a 'whiplash' moment. Where did this fireball come from? Why haven't I heard of her before? If you haven't heard of Nikki Hill yet, you soon will, and once you see her perform, you won't forget her.

Hill and her band (who Nikki deems 'The Pirate Crew) are climbing to the top of the roots music scene step by step and leaving jaws on the floor along the way. With a no-filter energy, they take all the flavors of American roots music and deliver a sound that will make you believe in rock and roll again! Nikki's gritty and raw voice with Stax soul dynamics, driving rhythm guitar from Matt Hill, and a tight rhythm section provided by Ed Strohsahl and Joe Meyer come together and make a sound that just sounds like the truth.

Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Nikki comes by her Deep South soul honestly. Her musical roots began while singing in gospel choirs at church as a child. A stint living in nearby college town Chapel Hill introduced her to many different styles of music and the awareness of music (and more importantly, unique and non-mainstream music) as a possible career. After pairing up with her guitar-playing husband Matt Hill, they have made an unstoppable team and have established themselves as roots rock and roll powerhouses!

Nikki Hill's self-titled EP released in June of 2012 created a heavy and sudden international underground buzz that the band has traveled with from state to state and overseas, proving with only 4 tunes penned by Hill herself that they have an energy that appeals to everyone who is ready to dance, drawing crowds from every avenue at their shows. One club advertisement will call Nikki "The Southern Fireball", "the new soul sensation", "amazing R&B shouter", and even "the new Queen of Rock and Roll". Moving into 2013, the band is still gaining momentum and appear to have no plans of stopping, as they are continuing to tour all over the United States, Europe and Australia after Hill's newest debut full length album Here's Nikki Hill, released in April 2013, helps them spread their message of rock 'n' soul to believers and new converts everywhere!

If you haven't heard of her yet, prepare for your 'whiplash moment'—you have been warned.

Nikki Hill has arrived!

Justin Andrew Murray

Justin Murray: Justin Andrew Murray is on the leading edge of musical sound. It is quite easy to see why once you see and hear this young, 24 year old, Kansas City newcomer. It is no surprise that he has already earned the opening spot for international recording acts such as Samantha Fish, Trampled Under Foot, Indigenous, and Moreland and Arbuckle. Fresh off the heels of recording his very first EP, “The Other Side” (set to release in October 2013), Justin Andrew Murray is already off to an up and running start. Pulling from rock, blues, and pop music, Justin has created a sound that is entirely, and uniquely his own… “It is important to see where music has been. You need to know where all of this ‘stuff’ (music) comes from. Still, I want to push my limitations as an artist…. I find it rewarding as an artist to bridge the gap between two separate genres.”
Josh Blythe: Groove, feel, and musicality are the mantras for this Missouri-born drummer. Blythe embodies the truth that the groove comes first close in his mind while always playing to the ensemble and never been just a time-keeper. Joshua Blythe was born in Columbia, Missouri where he was instantly immersed in a world and family full of music. He began playing at the age of 11 and instantly felt music's calling in life. He studied with Loyd Warden in Columbia until the age of 18 where he began to develop a strong musical pallet and advance playing abilities. Blythe has performed in many ensembles and groups covering a mass spectrum of music including: Jazz, Funk, Pop, Worship, Rock, Country, R&B, etc. Currently, he is studying pursuing a BA degree in music performance with an emphasis on Studio Jazz & Music at the Conservatory at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. You can find Josh currently playing around Kansas City with the Alyssa Murray Trio, Justin Andrew Murray, the UMKC 11 o'clock Jazz Band, and the 3 o'clock Jazz Combo led by Bobby Watson.

Kevin Perrette: Kevin Perrette is based out of Independence, Missouri and is fairly new to the music scene in Kansas City. Kevin started playing guitar at the age of 12 and focused on mostly rock and acoustic oriented music. At age 16, Kevin purchased his first bass guitar and has been playing it ever since. Kevin is always improving his skills and focuses on providing a backbone to his musical projects rather than playing a more intricate solo bass style (which is what the music world needs more of). He is also an energetic force on stage. Be sure to look him up on ReverbNation for his solo projects.


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Nikki Hill with Justin Andrew Murray

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