I Was Told There'd be Whiskey

Out of the ashes the mighty Phoenix rises... Or some overly dramatic bull shit like that.

After the amicable end of their previous musical endeavor, Mickey Kawa, Zach Shipp, and (a mostly unwilling) Kevin Shumway decided to turn their efforts in a more Southern direction. Mickey had the songs, Shumway had the skills, and Zach...well all of Mickey and Shumway's stuff was already at Zach's house, and it would have been a real hassle to find somewhere else to practice. All they needed was a second guitar player who could handle his ax like a lumberjack. When they couldn't find one they opted for Zach's roommate Chris Stylen, he did own a slide after all. And thus, I Was Told There'd be Whiskey was born

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Neato with Torn at the Seam, I Was Told There'd be Whiskey, Josh Bierman

Friday, November 8 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 8:30 PM at Pub Rock

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