The Edwardian World's Faire

The Edwardian World's Faire

Vau de Vire Society

Spawned from the depths of San Francisco’s thriving Dance and Circus sub-cultures, the Vau de Vire Society has ravaged and titillated live entertainment, causing jaws to drop in awe and garnering admiration around the world. This Avant-Cabaret community consists of classically-trained dancers, some of the nations most acclaimed acrobats, aerial artists, contortionists and circus side-show acts, an array of unique fire-performers, a handful of gifted thespians and a barrage of the most enticing go-go’s.

Attending a Vau de Vire Society event is akin to stepping into an interactive Circus where audience and performer become a single rhythmic force. Together we create lush art-filled environments providing all in attendance a safe-haven to indulge fantasies of running away with the circus… if even for the night.


Unwoman (aka Erica Mulkey) is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-composer-producer. She performs with her solo voice-cello act in the Bay Area, is frequently featured at major steampunk, science fiction, and goth events, plays cello with Stripmall Architecture, Abney Park, Vernian Process and other acts, and has also toured the US with Voltaire in 2009 and Rasputina in 2006. Unwoman has released five original albums over a 10-year span. In September 2011 she released Uncovered, a covers collection featuring songs by Joy Division, Madonna, Front 242, Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, and Tori Amos.

Spiced rum, tarantula hawks, psychic petraglyphs, dialated discos, carbonated cabarets, preposterous pageantry, thriving boho bonanzas of bongos, beat hucksters, rave nymphs, burlesque stars, porn carneys, klown kitties, lazer berries, crack muppets, hipsters, slicksters, bleeps, blips, and Black Rock commandos, cheetah-flavored orgy dust and hot sonic saternalia, Weimar Berlin hallucinogens, glitchy mambo, torch-lit tweekeasy, sub-atomic go-go, electro-swing steamcrunk. Entrer dans le monde de Delachaux...

Dark Garden

Dark Garden’s crew of dedicated corset makers, helmed by Autumn Adamme, has been making the world a curvier place to be since 1989, offering a safe space for people of all shapes and sizes to be fabulous. Their corsets, costumes and gowns are world renowned for exceptional quality and fit, not to mention beauty.

Kinetic Steam Works

Kinetic Steam Works is a Bay Area collective dedicated to steam powered kinetic art, repurposing the artifacts of clockwork modernity while creatively blending Art & Industry.


Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo is a club of alter-bike mechanics, mariachi-punk musicians and cycle crazed clowns who love building bikes and creating custom works of interactive art. Together we form a traveling pedal-powered carnival that is fun for people of all ages.

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The Edwardian World's Faire with Vau de Vire Society, Major Powers & the Lo-Fi Symphony, Unwoman, Delachaux, Dark Garden, Kinetic Ste...

Friday, January 17 · Doors 8:00 PM at The Regency Ballroom

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