Western Youth, K. Phillips & the Concho Pearls, Little Brave

Western Youth

Hailing from Austin, TX by way of Dallas, Detroit and Otago, New Zealand, Western Youth staggers between beer-drenched rock n' roll, folk and alt. country to create a sound that's all their own. Their debut EP, Leaving The Station, produced by Monahans' Britton Beisenherz, was released on April 9, 2013.

K. Phillips & the Concho Pearls

“If you don’t know K Phillips, you should start now. ”
Kyla Fairchild, Publisher – No Depression

On K Phillips debut American Girls, the West Texan champions the desperate, the sleazy and the broken, with small-town murals that glimpse into the jealousy of a sheriff, lovers that freeze to death and a crude lothario that misquotes dead poets. He prefers bygone rock sounds, leading his band on resonator, mouth harp, banjo, guitar, Hammond B3 and Piano, the latter being his primary tool. “The piano playing came out of necessity. I wanted to write country ballads, Motown grooves and gospel music and it’s not the same on the guitar,” he says, drawing from southern soul and rock as well — his heroes garnered from classic rock radio’s key kings like Leon Russell, Billy Preston and Gregg Allman.

Until 2006, Phillips was content working as a sideman even though he’d been writing since grade school. But when a close friend and a love interest drowned in two separate accidents, he feared ‘the rule of 3’ and made a decision not to leave “with these song inside.” The young startup label, Rancho Azul, approached Phillips (now living in Austin) to make an album, and his handpicked dream team of Texas musicians, including Bobby Keys of The Rolling Stones, Rick Richards of Joe Walsh and Jimmy Pettit of The Flatlanders — cutting the album live in 4 days.

Phillips is quickly drawing attention to his Texas spin on southern soul that backs lyrics that range from dark to humorous to plaintive. Though there are some desperate characters, as a writer he doesn’t want to take himself too seriously. “I get a kick out of out of the ridiculous and the lighthearted, and I don’t want to be afraid to be a little weird, a little fragile or a little dirty,” he says. “I got that from Warren Zevon. I always loved how his songs and characters could be absurd or sardonic but at the same time achingly beautiful.”

- Kim Fowler

Little Brave

"Where most artists would be content just to release an album as well done as her latest, Wound & Will, she went the extra mile several times over. It's not just an album, it's an entire musical. Not only that, but she produced it as a live show, replete with actors, dancers, fantastical costumes, a string section, theatrical lighting, and a full band. And she did that all at a bar where the rest of us mortal musicians normally set up an amp and go to work." - John Pointer, Origin Magazine Contributer/Musician

"Brutally honest. Sonically sublime. Achingly beautiful. One
very powerful album from an artist in every sense of the word." - Mike McClure, Songwriter

"People will be amazed that this collection of little, unwanted things actually came from them—from their musings, from their heartstrings, from their places of home and of work. They will most likely try and lay claim to them when they realize how beautiful these things were that they once held in their hands… before they tossed them aside. Everyone will know their claims to be false, but they will try nonetheless. Wound & Will came from Stephanie, from Little Brave, and not from them. The old once theirs will look new, and it will sound even newer. She found them all." - Drew Kennedy, Songwriter

"Rich in melody and subtle with its layers — which include everything from chamber-music strings to dizzy synthesizers to what sounds like plucked violin strings — Wound & Will wins one for the broken-hearted." - Mike Ethan Messick for Texas Music Magazine E-Zine

"Songwriters must walk a fine line on whether to write a song in hopes it will get radio airplay or to write a song that comes from the heart. With this album, Briggs accomplished both." - Dale Martin for Herald-Zeitung

"This was easily the best show I’ve seen so far this year, and it wasn’t about the confetti: it was about the songs and the vision of a top-notch all-around artist the regional music scene should be proud of." - Enrique Lopetegui for The San Antonio Current

"Wound & Will (read our review here) is her best record, a gorgeous-sounding jewel of confessional singer-songwriter magic by a woman who shed her skin and found her true voice." - Enrique Lopetegui for The San Antonio Current

"In the eye of it is Little Brave, who’d rather sneer melodiously than all-out sing. Her voice channels the warbly vinegar of Ani DiFranco delivered with the smoothness of Matthew Sweet. The result is mature, layered, hard rock with confrontational lyricism." - Adam Coronado for The San Antonio Current

"What I admired more than anything is that you went a step further with your show! You have an amazing voice and your songs are beautiful and hit close to home in so many ways, but the fact that you turned every single performance into a spectacle was what gave it an edge! There are a lot of talented musicians out there, but they do not know how to think outside the box and do something out of the ordinary. You, on the other hand, absolutely owned it and I was getting goosebumps while looking at many of my photos! I really think you are going to be very successful one day and I'll be proud to say that I have participated in one of your shows." - Menelaos Prokos

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Western Youth, K. Phillips & the Concho Pearls, Little Brave

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