She Likes Todd, This Obsession, Black Actress, +Special Guests TBA!

She Likes Todd

Nondescript Alloy-Edged, Progressive Punk Rock.

Hello! Dave here! I've known Rob since I was a wee lad of 14 or so. Todd and I used to jam before either of us could really play our instruments. One day, Rob approached us to start a "punk" band. I thought "Punk, eh? How hard can that be? We'll be famous in no time!" Well over a decade later, we have found out how hard it can be. We have played all over the country, and some in Canada. We had a major line up change when Kyle joined the band in '06 and Todd joined Rule 22 in '08, being replaced by Dennis. This is the true lineup and sound, and we're really happy to be making the music that we do. We have played with The Alkaline Trio, Strung out, Authority Zero, The Queers, The BollWeevils, Agent Orange, 88 Fingers Louie, and D.I...and they all thought we sucked. I"m just kidding. They wouldn't even talk to us. What do we sound like? I've heard someone say "you guys should be on RoadRunner", and I was like HOW DARE YOU? and another guy was like "I feel like I was watching Millencolin in 1994", to which I said "m'kay". Check out our music through facebook, buy any or all of our merch through our online store, or, how about this...COME TO SHOWS! YOU DON'T GO TO ENOUGH SHOWS ANYMORE! NO ONE DOES! Pick up "A Story Still Untold" for $5. Some kid from reverb nation said it was the best album of the year. So that must mean it is. So that's it. We love you.

This Obsession

Chicago's punk trio, This Obsession, began in the Summer of 09'. The band consists of Mark on guitar/vocals. Jess on bass/backing vocals, and Jon on the drums. Since starting the band, the three-piece has put time into making success out of what they have created, not giving up, and moving forward with what they can do.

"Nowerdays it's hard to find a serious local band. When you're young, you're always stuck in the high school scene, but now we've managed to get out of it and take our music a step further. We just recorded a 6 track EP, and shelled out cash to professionally package them, and are booking shows in actual venues in Chicago. We love this band to death, and want to make it a big deal. It's not about money, or fame, because if it was, we all would have done something stupid to make news worthy headlines. Trust me, I would at least. Jess is too nice. (Laughs). We just want to meet new people all over the world and travel with our music and spread it. It's the coolest job and that's what our goals are. We're pushing for it and will NEVER stop." says Mark.

Recording the new EP started in January, and was finally released on May 21st, 2011. This Obsession hired Vincent Ippolito of SRS Recordings to produce their first record, which required months of hard work and lots of planning. The EP is self-titled and consists of 6 songs such as "Raccoon Flying Over Summer","The Girl That I Work With", and "My Chevy Impala". "It is by far the best recording we have done so far with sound and effort." says Mark. The frontman continued to speak saying "Vince, who did our record was really hardcore about the whole process. It all had to be done a certain way. We had to lay out all the drum tracks, and then bass tracks, followed by guitar, double it, and then vocals and what not. Each instrument recording took days to complete. If it wasn't done right, it's not getting finished then until we are ALL satisfied, and Vince made sure of that".

After going through rough demos that were released only over the internet, the Chicago punk trio can finally say they are satisfied with the new recordings. The self titled EP is now sold for $5. PICK UP YOURS TODAY!!!

Black Actress

Formed in the spring of 2008, Black Actress delivers an authentic, high energy rock and roll insemination: bringing an action packed live show and bombastic recordings to new fans and friends all over the country. Having shared stages with the likes of Electric Frankenstein, New Bomb Turks, Red Fang, The Adicts, Nashiville Pussy, L.A. Guns and many more. The heroes and pirates of the music history we know and love shine in this Chicago explosive.

$5.00 - $7.00


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She Likes Todd, This Obsession, Black Actress, +Special Guests TBA!

Saturday, December 7 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Brauer House