Cherokee Red

Cherokee Red

Every so often we receive opinions and information pertaining to our band name and its native origin(s) and the assumed naive and insensitive misuse of it as a band name. We truly appreciate the time those people take to express it to us and we feel it necessary to provide a formal response. The assumption that we are in some way 'profiting' from our art, the assumption as to our ethnicities or an attempt to exploit anyone's culture is misplaced. The name 'Cherokee Red' has multiple facets: firstly, borrowed from a then out of business local soda company, Cherikee Red; secondly, being the world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous design color; thirdly, from the accounts of 19th century renaissance man John Howard Payne, who wrote about pre-19th century Cherokee culture and society, and in which described the accounts of Cherokee elders and a traditional two-part societal structure: one 'white' organization of elders (likely ani-kutani), which was hereditary and priestly and who were responsible for religious activities such as healing, purification and prayer; and a second group comprised of young warriors, the 'red' organization, who were responsible for warfare. We believe the name 'Cherokee Red' to be devoid of negative connotation and apologize if you find the use of it in our art offensive in some fashion. Please bear in mind we are not a corporation attempting to capitalize off a native culture, but a collective of artists coming from widely diverse backgrounds, making some sort of attempt to express ourselves in a rapidly globalized world while hoping to perhaps entice any would-be audience to think.

Alex Hannah



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Cherokee Red with Alex Hannah

Wednesday, October 30 · 8:15 PM at Ortlieb's