Chicago Songwriter Alliance #9

Chicago Songwriter Alliance #9

Special headlining set by JOSH EAGLE

Donnie Biggins

“Under the radar best of 2016" - Glide Magazine

“’A Mind That’s Been Lost’ is a piano ballad that
recalls Nilsson in his prime.” - Radio One Chicago

Krista Hartman

Adult Contemporary artist, Krista Hartman hails from the wild rose country in Canada. She spent countless indian summers under the prairie stars at Fiddle Fests in her childhood amongst all those in her enormous lineage (on her mother's side of the family, there were 11 children and her father's, 17). Hartman learnt to play guitar at the age of 13 basing her foundation on a library of Ventures songs introduced by her father, Gus.
The day after her graduation, Hartman married her guitar and fled to Quebec and then, the South Pacific, Asia and Europe for several years where she performed in bars, wrote songs and busked the streets. Upon her return, she attended The University of Alberta completing a Bachelor's in Education majoring in English and Theatre. While attending university, Hartman released her debut record PASSPORT in 2005, a reflection of her travels and then in 2010, her second release NOSTALGIA which featured a duet with Ron Sexsmith called "Broken in Two."
Hartman has appeared live on CBC television, performed a melancholic version of The Canadian National Anthem in front of Canada's Prime Minister and India's Ex-President, Dr. Abdul Kalam (where she was photographed and featured in The Globe and Mail), and she has played countless live shows with several of Canada's most acclaimed artists.
Krista Hartman continues to write for her upcoming 2013 Autumn release.
"It's the little things that make Hartman's music special, and there are plenty of them throughout the album. This isn't simple, pretty folk music that you can tap your feet to and forget about in the morning, but that's its charm."
-Vue Magazine
"Krista Hartman has captured the sound of the whole world in her music. That's due in part to her vast experience with travel and in part to her old-soul world view"

Andy Metz



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