Excepter, ERAAS, Soviet Soviet, Felte (DJ)


Excepter is a synthetic protest band engineered to erase cultural distinctions through polarized confusion.

A group mind experience, Excepter bring the improvisational discipline of founder John Fell Ryan's membership in The No-Neck Blues Band to bear upon the grind and gears of electronic dance music. Formed in NYC 2002 and slowly shifting in line-ups and styles over the years, Excepter always produces its core sound of multiple voices echoing over machine rhythms and synthesizer.

With the passing of Excepter vocalist and drummer Clare Amory in February 2011, surviving members spread to different cities across the States, before reconvening in Europe late summer 2012 for studio recording sessions and brief tour. By summer 2013, all of Excepter was back in New York and resurrection of the live act complete.

A new album recorded in Prague is set for release in the coming months on Paul Smith's Blast First Petite label. An EP recorded in Copehagen co-released by the Escho and Cejero labels is due out mid-November.


John Fell Ryan: Vocals, Synthesizer, Electronics
Lala Ryan: Vocals, Synthesizer, Electronics, Wind
Jon Nicholson: Synthesizer, Electronics, Guitar
Jon Williams: Synthesizer, Electronics
Macrae Semans: SK-5

From 1999-2011, Robert Toher led the atmospheric post-rock band Apse, but by 2010, he was growing frustrated with that group's direction and organization. He started working on a separate project, ERAAS, with Apse guitarist Austin Stawiarz – Toher is drawn to the word "eras," he says (it had also been the title of a limited-edition Apse album). Toher and Stawiarz holed up in an old house in Northampton, Massachusetts, and gradually refined their new sound: dark, repetitive, richly-textured grooves, incorporating dissonant found sounds and unnerving reverberations. Before long, ERAAS became the duo's main musical outlet.

After relocating to Brooklyn, they completed their self-titled debut album in 2011, although it's taken more than a year to see the light of day. It's a splendidly unnerving recording, moving from eerie chamber music ("Black House") to spidery rock songs ("Ghost") to a pair of spectral dance-rock tracks, "At Heart" and "Briar Path," that come off like a blurrier, weirder version of the kind of skeletal funk ESG was playing in the early '80s. Toher's echoing high tenor appears here and there on ERAAS, although it's often hard to tell exactly what he's singing – "voice as instrument is important to me," he says. The only attempt to transcribe his lyrics that's appeared thus far is so riddled with gaps and guesses that it looks like translated fragments of lost literature, which seems appropriate.

Soviet Soviet

Post-punk leaning trio SOVIET SOVIET were born in 2008 on the Adriatic coast of Pesaro, Italy by Alessandro Costantini (vocalist/guitarist), Andrea Giometti (lead vocalist/bassist) and Alessandro Ferri (drums). In 2009, they gained notoriety with a handful of self-released singles (including two EPs on Mannequin) and incessant touring in Europe. Felte's release of their new LP "Fate" finds the band with a with a tighter ferocity and frenetic punchy sheen. Sounds that would have been right at home on either Factory or 4ad circa 1981-83. Their forthcoming LP has been getting heavy rotation on the decks of the PTP radio show, and we look forward to welcoming them to The Echo stage for their U.S. debut.


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