The Growlers

The Growlers new EP Gilded Pleasures is a sweet new little brother to Hung at Heart that is fresh, plump and ready to slap. "We are still confused on what the point of releasing little increments of music at a time is worth. If we had it our way we would be doing a full length album every couple of months," says Nielsen. And so again with little time and a lot of ideas, The Growlers have put together 9 songs whittled down from 13 in under two weeks. "Writing songs comes easy, our love for creating is never-ending, its the guidelines that create difficulties." The album titled Gilded Pleasures has an R&B
makin' out on mushrooms feel that accompanies their previous release perfectly.

It was recorded and co-produced at an old pump house in Topanga Canyon by Kyle Mullarky and The Growlers. Mullarky has been an influence and big brother to them from the beginning, especially his work with The Grand Elegance and the Abigails. Two bands that had helped prepare Mullarky for confined corners with the infamous Big Kids Los Growlers.

When asked why the name Gilded Pleasures? "We made simple songs with a little soul for our satisfaction, then we brought them into the studio and covered them with reverb and ribbons of tape for our fans listening pleasure. This record is simple and soulful and reminds me a lot of the early Growlers that a lot of our new fans never got the chance to hear," said Nielsen.

"The front of The Abigails LP Tundra (out this winter on Burger!) is Abigails mastermind Warren Thomas alone and stranded in some spaghetti-western desert, and if that doesn't tell you exactly what this is gonna sound like, it's only because it would've been logistically prohibitive to put scorch marks on every single cover. Tundra lead track "Twenty Nine" reveals shockingly lush production—for the Abigails, that means you can't hear the cigarette smoke dissolving the tape—and songs that sound like Alex Chilton producing Lee Hazlewood, or the Gun Club on a turntable that discovered its own speed between 33 and 45. It's bleak and it's burned out and that's just the way we love it. Raise a glass and smash it later." -Chris Zeigler

Mystic Braves

Horizons, time. The sad truths of society's most accepted emotions. Dreams, insignificance. Events leading up to epiphanies, spells easily creating what should be. Stars sweeping across your soul with ideas of what the night will eventually hold, fears. The freedom of summertime, easy going lifestyles. Grooving beneath the everlasting moonlight glow. Frustration, beauty. Waiting, forever questioning. A desert tracking vacation spent hidden behind the shade of your own shadow, a psychedelic excursion we're all checking in to.
– Sincerely, California


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The Growlers with The Abigails, Mystic Braves

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