Axe Murder Boyz

Axe Murder Boyz

As the streets rumble and vibe from sounds echoing through out the earth, one label emerges as a reckoning force known worldwide by the symbol of the HatchetMan, Psychopathic Records. It is this force that is now home to the AMB.

AMB is comprised of two monstrous energies known humanly as Bonez Dubb and Otis. Having forged a path through the underground that lead them to their Home at the Hatchet, AMB have self produced and promoted 6 commercially sold records. As well as running their own regional tours in support of those records, and releasing samplers, EP's, and exclusive bonus discs along the way. Hailing from their native city of Denver, CO a.k.a. the 303, AMB are now set to debut their nationwide Psychopathic Release entitled "Blood In, Blood Out". They are set to hit the road on many nationwide tours in 2006 starting with the "Fuck The Fuck Off Tour" with Shaggy 2 Dope of the Legendary group and fellow Hatchet Fam the Insane Clown Posse, and psychopathic deadman Blaze Ya Dead Homie, as well as the Sub Noize Souljaz. Check the Appearances Section for all Tour Dates and info.

AMB are on the verge of dropping the controversial, dangerous, and devastating album "Blood In, Blood Out". On April 18th the world will be introduced to what some have already come to witness, which is the cold and harsh revelations of two young prophets of the Axe. Chalice in their mannerisms, and raw in their delivery, with the thunderous sounds of the best wicked shit producers in history backing it all, the AMB aim to whirl an explosion at the music industry, and scrape the crater clean with the blade of an Axe.

Dirty D

Daniel Ronan, better known by his stage name Dirty D - Dirty But So Clean, was born in Grand Forks, ND and moved to Colorado at the age of 6. Throughout his childhood music has been a big influence on him and has always came naturally. As a young pup, Dirty D filled a lot of his time creating melodies over drum rhythms on his Casio keyboard. Little did he know he was building upon a lifelong dream. Dirty D is a hip hop recording artist, producer and promoter from the Northern Colorado area. He is known for his clever lyrical word play and captivating hooks making him stand out amongst the crowd . Encompassing a strong versatility with music while constantly perfecting his craft has aided Dirty D in forming a musical style that many can enjoy. Through his determination, professionalism and raw talent, he has had the opportunity to work with the likes of Tech N9ne, Paul Wall, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Twista, Machine Gun Kelly, Ill Bill, Tha Alkaholiks, Rehab, Zion I, Murs, Stevie Stone and the list is continuously growing. Recently Dirty D was Denver's KS 107.5 featured On The Map Artist and also had the opportunity to do an interview with Strange Music discussing Tech N9ne's legendary, record setting Hostile Takeover tour that Dirty D had the honor to be an opening act for. With the release of his most recent self titled album Dirty But So Clean he has come to the realization that he is destined to be a solo artist and with his passion for music there are no limits or restrictions that can hold him back from obtaining his full potential as a creditable musician.


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