Frog Holler

Frog Holler

"Neo-hillbillies with a twist, Frog Holler plays mountain blues and country as accessible and modern as the most hummable pop" – (The Washington Post)
"Nineteen years after forming, the Berks County outfit have managed to stay together and procure scads of acclaim-from NPR, No Depression, The Washington Post and countless others-thanks largely to the down-home sweetness of their loose, melodic strain of alt-country. But it's also because the guys are genuine, playing what they like instead of burying their instincts in pretense or posturing”. (Doug Wallen Philly Weekly)
“All this band has to offer is talent, great songs,
and consistency." — Andy Turner, No Depression

Mason Porter

Combining lush harmonies with hand clapping sing-along's and the unfiltered emotion of a hungry young rock band, Mason Porter is a force that evokes the spirits of each and every person whose life they touch. Blending folk, rock, blues and bluegrass with creative songwriting and constant experimentation; Mason Porter is a group of musicians working together to push the limits of American music.


What began as a wintertime diversion for Frog Holler's Darren Schlappich, Michael Lavdanski and longtime friend Bruce Siekmann has evolved into Ataloft, an exciting new band whose self-titled debut recording is out now on ZoBird Records.

Ataloft enlisted Nick Franclik on bass (Eric Steckel, Electric Farm), Cory Heller on keyboards and backing vocals(Neo-Trio) and Keegan Linder on guitar to round out the live show line-up. The band takes its name from an imaginary pop group that Schlappich, his brother and a few neighborhoods friends formed as children in suburbanWest Wyomssing, PA.

$10.00 - $12.00


All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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