Founded by Louisville musician Ryan Patterson and including Kayhan Vaziri and Carter Wilson, power trio COLISEUM have grown to become one of today's quintessential contemporary punk bands. Successfully melding progressive musicianship, hardcore fervor, and vital social awareness into one constantly evolving artistic vision. Over the last decade COLISEUM have released music on a host of labels including; Temporary Residence, Relapse, Level Plane, Auxiliary (Ryan’s own label), and Deathwish. Anxiety’s Kiss is the new album from COLISEUM, recorded at The Magpie Cage by producer/engineer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines). Anxiety’s Kiss is a hook-laden maturation of the COLISEUM sound. Nods to their early D-Beat leanings are there, but it is their willingness to embrace Post-Punk melody and explore the space between notes that make Anxiety’s Kiss so alluring. Confidently growing within the punk world, without ever leaving it behind. A flawless, yin and yang pairing that is Coliseum at the peak of their experimental and anthemic powers.

Early Age

Ben Sears
(Mountain Asleep, Prideswallower, Black God, Whips/Chains)

Carrie Neumayer
(Second Story Man, Minnow, Julie of the Wolves)

Nick Thieneman
(Breather Resist, Young Widows, Brain Banger, Black God)

Amber Estes Thieneman
(Liberation Prophecy, Sandpaper Dolls, Young Scamels)

White Reaper

2 piece Rock & Roll outfit; RIYL Jeff the Brotherhood, Thee Oh Sees, Wavves...

Lions of Tsavo

Lions of Tsavo as a working entity crawled out of Columbus, Ohio in the year 2003, created from the ashes of Ambassador 990, Montreal Curse, and the Trem .. who worked on their last album with Steve Austin of Today is the Day. Being pared down to a trio from their former projects, they were drawn towards an altogether heavier sound akin to being mowed over by a line of tanks. All it took was for Ryan Chamberlain to convince his former band mates Matt Walker and Josh Dawkins to make the trek down to Austin, TX in order to have a clean start and create some apocalyptic rock music that no one could classify.
Lions of Tsavo set out to conquer not only on the strength of the material, but also by the sheer volume and density of sound, attracting interest from people such as recording engineer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Sleep, Melvins), who set the controls on the record 'Tsunamicron'. Lions of Tsavo released a new album entitled 'Firelung' in 2008 on Ovrcast. Firelung was recorded by Bryan Richie (The Sword) and mixed by Sanford Parker.
Daine Vinyard joined the fold on bass in early 2009, while Matt switched to guitar. Lions of Tsavo played as an unholy four piece for almost 2 years until Matt left the band and Lions of Tsavo reverted back to a very loud and intense power trio. It was with this line up that Lions of Tsavo began to tour more heavily (with amazing bands like Black Cobra & Howl) and focus more on dynamics to compliment the already punishing riffs...
Armed with the tools of dead men. Like the swarm of all unholy they come forth. Air raid sirens, blood spitting riffs, destruction and redemption..
"Retarded mathematics for and played by geniuses. Sonic exfoliant for picking at your inner scab. Transplanted to Tejas from somewhere even worse, these guys seem to be shedding some kind of deep-seeded issues through their instruments. I know; i was abducted by them for a week and forced to record them in a barn. I got brutalized. I'm still in therapy..." -BILLY ANDERSON


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