Black Bear Tribe, Midtown Static, Natural Stranger, The Battery Electric

Black Bear Tribe

Lusty and adventurous, Black Bear Tribe is an homage to rock's classic and blues roots, while also amalgamating its brashness with its capacity for beauty. Whether the hulking trudge of hard rock or the finespun thread of folk music, Black Bear Tribe is a bold cry in the wilderness.

Sam Perry's guitars growl with a banshee-echo through leafy canopies; Trevor Ezell's drums thunder the shamanistic whisper; and Jeff Hechler brings the funky crawl; while Jason Kraft is a sonorous prophet for the ages, whose voice recalls the grit of rock's pantheon. Though the band only recently formed in 2012 and three of its members are newcomers to New York City, Gotham will soon get a hefty earful as the band looks to add numbers to its tribe.

Midtown Static

Their sound is somehow fresh and familiar. The space where twin guitarists Jordan and Talor Steinberg meet drummer Shane Considine is known as Midtown Static. Their recipe is funk-infused rock and the results are delectable. From the compelling groove of “Brigitte” to the swift precision of “Crawling Off the Floor”, the trio’s virtuosity is unquestionable. Yet, the group’s priority seems clearly set on infectious and quality songwriting; the twin frontmen possess the vocal ability to back it up. These boys are making a wave in the New York music scene and their live show is not to be missed. Midtown Static is currently recording their debut album with famed producer Bob Held . Expected release Winter 2013.

Natural Stranger

Natural Stranger is a band that isn't afraid to lay it all on the line for the sake of music. Whether they are unleashing a sonic fuzz assault or gently tugging at the heart strings they are honest in what they do. Primary songwriter, Ernest Hampson, has been playing and writing music for over 12 years and has finally found a collective of talented musicians to bring his music into the world. Jino Arielly and Joseph Paz provide the pounding rhythm section while Kevin Sullivan (aka KM Sullivan) sprinkles tasty guitar licks among the sometimes chaotic soundscape Natural Stranger produces. Whether they are your cup of tea or not, one thing is for sure, Natural Stranger is not faking it. The band invites everyone to come get a little strange with them.

The Battery Electric

The Battery Electric is an American rock band from Asbury Park, New Jersey, formed in 2012. The band line-up consists of vocalist and drummer Ron Santee, guitarist Brent Bergholm and Bassist Alex Rosen. Their loud, energetic style of back-to-basics rock 'n' roll included elements of garage rock, hard rock and blues rock.

In February 2013, The Battery Electric signed with Asbury Park Label, Little Dickman Records in anticipation of the release of their Debut LP, Weaving Spiders, which was released digitally worldwide in March 2013 and on limited 12” Vinyl in the late Spring 2013. Weaving Spiders features 10 tracks that proudly deliver a message of musical freedom, free thinking, a free living, free sex, and enlightenment of the corrupt government and establishments among us.


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Black Bear Tribe, Midtown Static, Natural Stranger, The Battery Electric

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