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L.A. Price is a singer, a songwriter and a musician, but most importantly to her… an artist. "Being true to myself and being authentic is the most important thing for me," Says the dark haired, 20-something, mid-western songstress. Growing up just outside of Kansas City, Missouri, "Music is my passion. It's my life. Without music, my life would not be as fulfilling. Music is my purpose!" confesses the well-seasoned musician.

Miss Price is a true musician and feels comfortable playing piano, guitar, mandolin and even a little bass guitar. "My style and sound is a folk/pop hybrid---it's not in a real category. All the different sounds that I've tinkered with over the years are meshed into this album. But all the songs still work together as a unit. There's beat boxing and mandolin on my record. How many records are going to include both beat boxing and mandolin? We even did it on the same song. That's so different, and it’s really cool."

"There's a musical journey that I will take my listeners on that mirrors my life journey. It's unpredictable, vulnerable and sometimes even familiar; totally relatable. That's what makes creating original music now days so great. Everyone has countless genres and styles in their music library, me included. Hopefully I can be a fresh addition to the world's musical library" L.A. says with an innocent grin.



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