Camille Safiya

Camille Safiya

With an ambitious and passionate vibe, Camille Safiya is here to represent her life through her artistic talents. Touring NYC, Philly and DC Camille's words have captivated diverse crowds up and down the East Coast. From performing in the mountains of Ethiopia, to the deserts of Egypt, up the Nile in the streets of Israel, the sounds of her music are tasteful yet militant, leaving her audience mystified as she hypnotizes with her exotic and cultured sounds. Singer/Songwriter, Painter, and Multimedia Artist; Check out her newly released debut single Immortal Souls.

LeA Robinson

LeAnetta Robinson (Born June 17,1993), often known simply as LeA, is Outgoing, ambitious, and an eccentric Recording Artist, Songwriter, Dancer, Clothing Designer, and Actress. Born and raised in New Jersey, LeA Robinson, is most known for being the late granddaughter of musical legend Sylvia Robinson, founder of Hip-Hop and Sugar Hill Records and also having her very own Super Sweet 16 on MTV. Sylvia along with husband, Joe Robinson became instrumental in the emergence of Rap music as a format, and the introduction of Hip-Hop to the mainstream market, with the release of "Rappers Delight" performed by the Sugar Hill Gang in 1979. LeA will be releasing her first EP entitled "The Legacy" as a dedication to commemorate her late grandmother Sylvia, debuting to the world early 2012.

LeA unintentionally launched her music career while in high school with two best friends, not through the Hip Hop world as most would have expected, but by forming a group, called The Bonde. The Bonde's sole purpose was bringing a humanistic teen voice to world issues impacting teenagers, women and girls. LeA and her friends were invited to collaborate with The United Nations and the World Health Organization. The Bonde was immediately requested to perform and present to world leaders. These best friends turned down mainstream recording deals and publicity since their mission was altruistic. LeA gained invaluable recording and performance experience, including singing at The Izod Arena for the NBA and The United Nation's "World Health Day Anthem". Recently, The Bonde girls graduated high school (best friends) but each went onto pursue college or individual careers in music, reuniting as The Bonde for world events upon request.
Surrounded by musicians from birth, LeA has always been at the epicenter of music. Growing up around musical idols like her grandmother, being around major artists/tours, and the formation of Sugar Hill Records has all been an influence for LeA's love for music. LeA describes, "My grandma's family get togethers were always filled with excitement and entertainment, "Uncle Joey (Joey Robinson of "Sugar Hill Gang") and family members and guests would always have stories to tell about music, life and their journey while musicians, celebrities, and politicians would drop in frequently."

Armed with a "family gene" for music and many unique experiences, LeA will launch "The Legacy" which includes, personal written songs, with an alternative unique sound. LeA's songs reflect emotions she feels words can not fully capture. Being a teenager and doing music is hard, and LeA wanted to make sure her fans heard through her songs the daily struggles she faces; she fully embraces the fact that her flaws and obstacles make her who she is today. "I've never been so happy with my music, and I'm super exited about my songs, and how far I have grown as an artist since I first began on my musical journey".
Following the EP dropping early 2012 LeA's listeners can anticipate a hot new radio single as well as music videos to proceed. Fans can expect a promotional tour targeting, middle schools, high schools, and colleges. LeA loves performing and interacting with her fans and feels visiting schools and talking to the students is a must on her up-coming promotional tour. "I cant wait to show the world what I've been working on. I've never been so anxious and excited about my music in my life as I am now". Often compared to "a young Beyoncé ", LeA Robinson has tall shoes to fill but with her head held high, unique fashion sense, driving dance style, and soprano vocals, she will continue to mature and secure the throne as music's next heiress. Her grandmother Sylvia would be proud.

Singer, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and songwriter, Velous is an artist who can truly be considered a music prodigy. Referred as a multi-faceted musician, he earned his first signed deal at the age of 16, by which he wrote and produced his debut single “I Love You.” The single took flight and was placed in heavy rotation on radio and Music Choice - gaining notoriety across the United States.

Post an amicable split with the label, Velous inked a new deal with indie music label, Swanky Music Group while prepping his album titled Velocity. Performed, produced, written and arranged - all original music by Velous - Velocity highlightsVelous’ musical genius through each exclusive track. Velocity covers a wide variety of music, including hip-hop, R&B and pop. Many have agreed Velocity has a strong artistic presence that is “unique and refreshing.”

Currently, Velous is generating an undeniable buzz through the music industry with his singles “Girls Gone Wild” and “Pretty Girls” featuring Torch of Maybach Music Group. With spotlights in various media outlets including Pynk Magazine, Global Grind, Stuff Fly People Like, Karen Civil, XXL and Vibe, Velous describes his sound as "futuristic meets retro."

There is no denying the talent that shocks through his music. Influenced by numerous artists, all belonging to an eclectic array of genres, he finds inspiration from many of his life experiences that he shares through his lyrics.

Netousha Monroe

Netousha Monroe is an R&B/soul singer born in Virginia and raised in New Jersey. Her debut release, Lust vs Love, is available for free on Netousha Monroe began her music career on Broadway stages in New York. She played roles in Les Miserables, Lion King, and Christmas Carol. While performing on Broadway she sang on numerous jingles. As a teenager she relocated to Virginia with her mother and brother. At this point she began to write her own songs for personal enjoyment. She continued to gain education from experience and developed her craft consistently. Shortly after graduating high school she relocated to the Atlantic City area. Once back in New Jersey, she continued to work with various artists as opportunities came through friends and acquaintances who knew of her talent. Her songs What a Man and Looking for Love can be heard on the Indie Soap nominated show, In Between Men. She performed as a backup vocalist to Emilio Rojas on BET's Music Matters in October, 2011 and can be heard on J the S's single Shadows from The Last Days featuring Emilio Rojas. Her vocal and writing abilities are generously displayed on the recent release from A.P., Will I.E. (the Example).
Netousha Monroe has a distinctive sound that blends her soulful voice over hip hop oriented tracks, showcasing her love for both genres. Her lyrics tell vivid stories that cover topics with more of an edge than the typical R&B artist. Her goal is to create music that stays close to her roots and inspirations, yet is diverse enough to appeal to a wide variety of listeners. You can hear her latest project Zone Seven, hosted by Wayne Ski and Crazy DJ Bazarro, on
Her mission is to utilize her natural gift to better this world by making the best music possible. With her passion, dedication, and natural talent, no doubt she will achieve her goal.


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