Small Craft Warning, Keystones, Brooklyn Express, Mystic Vibes

Small Craft Warning

Small Craft Warning is a New York City-based jam band. They have developed an original repertoire of jam tunes which draw their inspiration from the Grateful Dead and other music pioneers - mixed with a dash of their own unique medicine, of course.

The fact is that there are many Dead cover bands, and a whole generation of "groove/electronica" jam bands. BUT, there are few bands that have really pursued the twin aims of crafting thoughtful, timeless songs while simultaneously creating in-the-moment, mind-bending improvisational music. Small Craft Warning is the needle in the haystack!


Keystones is a Jerry Garcia Tribute Quintet focusing on bringing alive the Vibe of the 1975 Garcia-Hopkins Band at the Keystone in Berkeley CA and expanding to include Garcia-Saunders and JGB Tunes, with a dose, of course, of some good ole Grateful Dead.

Brooklyn Express

Mystic Vibes


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Small Craft Warning, Keystones, Brooklyn Express, Mystic Vibes

Sunday, November 10 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:30 PM at Spike Hill