RJ & The Soul w. Toussaint Morrison

RJ & The Soul

RJ and The Soul has been turning audiences on to their “21st century juke joint” style and high energy ‘get up to get down’ sound. Raised on jazz, blues, funk and r&b records, RJ and The Soul earned their stripes the old fashioned way- playing anywhere and everywhere people wanted good songs, good sounds and a great time. RJ and The Soul bring 300% pure groove from the first line to quitting time with head-bobbing, foot tapping, ass shaking, hips swaying, rhythm driven, soul stirring, mood swinging, life affirming, what it is, what it was and what it will be beats that hit you all up in your soul. This ain’t no sittin’ and listening music...Less Talk. More Dance. Viva Soul!

Toussaint Morrison

Toussaint Morrison would like you to believe he's a superhero/superhuman with an alias or two. In reality, he suffers from dissociative identity disorder. A man of many guises, he has taken to the scene as frontman of rock band, The Blend, and as live hip-hop trio Lazlo Supreme's voice of force and urbanity. Morrison rode the coattails of both bands on tour, straight stateside coasting the country... twice over. These musical meanders transformed into mission trips when Morrison recognized his time on the road as an opportunity to host workshops on race, class, ethnicity, and gender in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. We were about to give him a lil credit as a poet and a human, but the highest he has ever ranked in the national poetry slam is a lowly 11th, reminding us that he, too, is of flesh and blood.

Legions of avid ears overlook clinical diagnosis, humoring Mr. Morrison's (alter)ego while recognizing his superfluid word craft to be his superpower. Using his talents for pure superficiality, Morrison's villain is unapologetic about his diabolical hubris. Boom! Bam! Pow! His lyrics pack a punch like the page of a comic book, but don't let the maniacal laughter/confrontational cadence fool you – he's in search of true love just like the rest of us. Right when it seems as if evil is on the brink of prevailing, listeners realize that Morrison is at the mercy of his unconditional love for the music and balance is restored in the world.



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RJ & The Soul w. Toussaint Morrison with Toussaint Morrison

Friday, November 8 · Doors 9:00 PM / Show 10:00 PM at Amsterdam Bar and Hall