Wind Burial @ The Back Bar

Wind Burial

Seattle-based Snowdrift has released the most wonderful new collection of music on this, their second CD. It’s a trippy mix of trance-inducing, gentle songs that could easily lift you by the soul and carry you up, up and away into weightless bliss. According to the band’s website they practice self-hypnosis, and their music well reflects this. This is the stuff dreams are made of, the type of music that begs music lovers to put on the headphones, lay back and enter Snowdrift’s world of shadows, memories and ghostly places. -Tacoma Weekly

I’ve got massive praise for the debut album by the Seattle trio Snowdrift, whose female lead vocals and spacious rural sounds evoke northern European farmsteads and long stretches of flat horizons. The eight long ballads range from a kind of cold Danish psychedelic folk to whacked out provincial torch songs, like in-breds pushing the envelope at a county fare. Get this record from -Julian Cope

Fronted by Kat Terran’s soft, haunting voice – a mix between Stevie Nicks and Karen O – they are an impressive band that smothers the gaps with foggy electric pianos and a slew of nightmarish, electronic samples. There is a ghastly, Edward Scissorhands-type beauty to this album that is medicine to the ears after being bombarded with disc after disc of manic indie-pop. Snowdrift realizes that you don’t need to run when you look so good walking.- Three Imaginary Girls

It’s not often you hear an album that really blows you away. Seattle based Snowdrift’s second album, Starry All Over, does just that. Snowdrift’s sound is an unusual cross of prog rock/drone with a dream pop, acoustic undercurrent. Beautiful, haunting vocals from lead singer Kat Terran along with a grinding, dark, yet acoustic sound creates an unworldly musical landscape. This is an amazing album, very dark but with a sliver of light, an album for creatures of the dark who dwell in the light. -- justintime, WRUV


The Antal brothers of Seattle's GreenhornBluehorn got their chops in the punk and rock scene of Ithaca, New York. Still not ones to tone it down, these indie-folkers produce a big sound and lots of broken guitar strings. Their anthemic tunes bring on the boot stompin' with haunting hooks on acoustic and keys, woven with the swaying layered syncopations of the Antal brothers' harmonies.

GreenhornBluehorn is a Seattle-based four-piece with a big sound capturing its city-town stomping grounds. Haunting hooks on acoustic guitar are woven with the swaying layered syncopations of the Antal brothers’ harmonies. Altogether makes for some anthemic tunes to boot stomp to.

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Wind Burial @ The Back Bar with GreenhornBluehorn, Levi Fuller & the Library

Sunday, November 3 · 8:00 PM at The Crocodile

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