Jennifer Knapp & Margaret Becker   Hymns of Christmas

Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning Jennifer Knapp returns from a seven year hiatus with a new album, Letting Go (Graylin/RED/Thirty Tigers) on May 11th 2010. Recorded in Nashville, Letting Go is produced by Paul Moak (Mat Kearney, Martha Wainwright, Amy Grant) and features ten intimate folk, country tinged rock songs showcasing her astonishing straightforwardness and spirituality. Knapp's impressive history includes selling over one million albums with her previous releases Kansas (debut 1998), Lay It Down (2000), and The Way I Am (2001). The Kansas-born musician toured the globe with artists such as Jars of Clay and was featured on 1999's Lilith Fair tour. Knapp received critical acclaim with The Los Angeles Times calling her "a rising star" and People Magazine describing her as "an uncommonly literate songwriter." Jennifer went on to win her first Dove Award in 1999 for Best New Artist, scored a Grammy nod in 2002 and another Dove nomination in 2003. With a considerable fan base, critical and commercial successes, Knapp walked away from it all at the height of her career. After seven years of soul searching and time spent in Australia, Knapp comes full circle in 2010 with a new album, new tour and a renewed love of music. This spring she will preview her new music on a co-headline tour with Derek Webb kicking off on March 5th in New York City. She will play on the re-vamped Lilith Fair tour, the first one in 10 years. Since Jennifer played on the last one in '99, being asked to play the re-launch is very special, a reminder of why Jennifer came back to her musical roots.

Margaret Becker

Whether it’s writing books, speaking, producing artists, offering life and artist intensives, writing songs and putting out records, Margaret Becker is the classic Maggie B. you’ve come to know and love.
Margaret says after years of “getting to the song,” in concert, and trying to keep the “stage chatter” to a minimum, she was real happy to start expanding her events to include speaking You’d be surprised who is listening too. There are the brave and “over-conferenced,” people who love to come out to her 3-day “Coming Up For Air Anti-Conference”. It’s based on the book, finding your core gifting and living with that as your guide—ie: protecting your time and resources so your life can do what it is meant to do.

It’s a fun, laid-back, three days that she sometimes puts on herself in pretty cool places like the W in Seattle, Atlanta, and any other city where there is a nice place to relax with friends, see interesting things and maybe even get a massage . . .

But hey, that’s not the only place she does this thing. In Colorado, she had the anti-conference at a church . . the Friday night “hang”, the Saturday sessions that take place at 10 and 2, an “all-request” Saturday night up-close-and personal acoustic concert, and then the Sunday morning communion service. Here's what people said about it. You decide.

Some other events she’s been chatting at are Worship events, Music/Indie events, and just regular old events from Pastors conferences to Womens conferences.



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Jennifer Knapp & Margaret Becker Hymns of Christmas

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