RT N’ THE 44′S

RT N' THE 44s is a Folk Noir band created by singer/songwriter RT Valine. Founded in 2009, the band originated in Los Angeles, CA alongside local bands Leslie and the Badgers, Spindrift, Gwendolyn , and Ruthann Friedman. Using instruments crafted from tin, 2x4's and salvaged parts, RT has stated that RT N' THE 44s was born out of "an attempt to make listenable music from junk". They have been described as a "vintage country band with dark obsessions". The band is often seen busking at various locations throughout Los Angeles and Pasadena in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston. As members of the New LA Folkfest the band has performed with John C. Reilly, Tom Brosseau, T-Model Ford, and Red Simpson, among other notable acts. RT N' THE 44s performs annually at The Roots Roadhouse Festival and Autry National Center. The band has recorded three full length albums for the independent label Rabid Rabbit Records, and has been featured "live in studio" on KUCI's Freedom Radio Program

The Herbert Bail Orchestra

The Herbert Bail Orchestra creates musical narratives that are epic tales. Taking the listener on a journey through the dark heart of the American West, emerging with a silver lining of hope and optimism. One of LA Weekly's BEST CONCERTS TO SEE IN LA. "A DANCEABLE WILD WEST SHOWDOWN, if sheriffs and outlaws resorted to dance-offs instead of gun duels." says K. Beachum of Violent Success. "RICH IN STORYTELLING…." says Kevin Bronson of BuzzBandsLA. "FOOT STOMPING FOLK" says the Las Vegas Weekly. Formed in 2011 by longtime friends and creative collaborators A. Frattolillo & A. Katz, Herbert Bail now acts as a collective alter ego for a band of 9 strong players. Featuring instrumentation from acoustic guitar, accordion, fiddle, horns and banjo to the electric guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and percussion. "Great orchestration" says LA Record. A. Frattolillo, singer- songwriter, "almost sounds like Tom Waits and Neil Diamond had a voice baby" says MySpoonful, "bottom line: Herbert Bail leaves you amazed."

Andrew Sheppard

Andrew from Gypsy River Haunts

Blackwater Jukebox

Blackwater Jukebox follows in a tradition of the Pogues, Manu Chao, and Gogol Bordello, tapping the deep root of global music to reach an inexhaustible well of inspiration and achieve psychic tribal connection. Blackwater Jukebox's mission is to bring people together, fill the infinite space between souls and nourish our hunger for connection through the most powerful form of magic: music.



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The Echo


RT N’ The 44′s vinyl release show with The Herbert Bail Orchestra, Andrew Sheppard, Blackwater Jukebox

Tuesday, November 12 · 8:30 PM at The Echo