The Hornitz

The Hornitz was founded in May 2006 as a horn-section-for-hire in and around Boston, MA. The group worked with many notable artists such as George Clinton, Guster, and State Radio, but in 2008 The Hornitz began producing original music as a duo. After a few years of experimenting and fine-tuning, Friendship and Stoo now create a show that is one of the most dynamic spectacles ever produced by two people. Using human beatbox, horns, keyboards and modern live-looping equipment they form large walls of sound and high energy dance parties.

Elephant Wrecking Ball

Famine! Asteroids! Disease! None of these are really responsible for any massive demolition such as the extinction of the dinosaurs. No, only the most ancient and destructive of forces is capable of such a leveling, and that force is Elephant Wrecking Ball.

Scientific experiments gone wrong and chemical reactions run amok, the chaos has come to order in this fine trio of bass, drums, and trombone. Since 2009 A.D., Elephant Wrecking Ball has been spreading hard hats of the mind to people and venues across the North Eastern U.S. Founded in Boston, and relocated to Brooklyn a few years later, the trio has gained a cult following in the underground demolition scene. Each member is quite accomplished at their instruments and in composition. Jazz, Dub, and Funk elements make up the EWB toolbelt. The elephant, Scott Flynn on Trombone, sits at the controls of the dub elements. The Drums, Neal Evans, and Bass, Dan Africano, have a solid foundation of rhythm and mass, called the wrecking ball. The sound matches the name of the band, and if all that is too complicated, we just call it "SCIENCE!" So prepare your ears, eyes, and minds, for the chaos and order ballet known as Elephant Wrecking Ball

With a goal to propagate the healing communion of music, old friends and band mates Chris Mario and Michael Rabito went off on their respective musical ventures for about a decade after high school. In the summer of 2012 they rode cosmic waves back together to integrate all they learned into a "progressive dance rock" power trio with esteemed drummer and percussionist Steve Slaughter. After being trained in Africa, Slaughter played with Mario in Up Beat Manifest/La Violencia and was featured in Rabito's band The Effective Dose. The boys found an incredible dynamic between them that will continue to produce beautiful synergyzing music that frees the feet and the mind. After only six months they have already played New York, Boston and Philadelphia with acts such as The Indobox, Fikus,The Janutee, The Hornitz and Flux Capacitor. They are continue to make massive developmental strides as they host a home town residency in New Hope PA and branch out to festivals and venues along the east coast.

$12.00 - $15.00


Start times may vary, headliners always go on later than openers. Openers and Headliners subject to change without notice.

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The Hornitz with Elephant Wrecking Ball, Manifested

Saturday, January 25 · 8:00 PM at Church