Avi Fox-Rosen

Avi Fox-Rosen

In the fall of 2012, Avi Fox-Rosen made a naïve commitment to himself to release a short album for each month of 2013.

After 60+ fully produced songs, close to 60 loaves of bread consumed by 20+ guest musicians, 12 EPs and 12 months later, Avi finished the job.


Tonight Avi brings you his best songs of the year, with a kick ass band including Chris Berry on drums, Ari Folman-Cohen on bass, and David Melton on keys... plus some special guests. avifoxrosen.com

Avi Fox-Rosen is an unapologetically genre defying singer songwriter. “Informed equally by power pop, roots rock and show tunes” says Time Out New York, but they forgot to mention jazz, tin pan alley, grunge, funk, klezmer, and a whole host of other influences. That’s ok, they have a word limit.

Avi makes music with a sardonic sense of humor, dense and dark lyrics, and enchantingly twisted melodies. Described by Lucid Culture as "Donald Fagen's equally gifted more ill-at-ease bastard stepchild." In 2013 he released a short album of original songs for each month of the year. 12 EPs in 12 months. New York Music Daily has heralded Avi's album-a-month project as "one of the most ambitious jobs anyone in the rock world has taken on lately" and says Avi’s releases have “produced some of the year’s best music.”

Corn Mo is a Brooklyn-based musician who's been known to play a mean piano, a meaner accordion, and has even been seen accompanying himself with the meanest stylings of a one man band. Corm Mo has opened for Ben Folds, They Might Be Giants, David Cross, and Tiny Tim. He has performed with the Polyphonic Spree, The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Dooms UK, and his current band, .357 lover.

Raya Brass Band

Raya Brass Band does it on the dance floor, mashing up the music of Eastern Europe with American dance grooves. Featuring odd meters, unusual scales and a fine helping of gorgeous Balkan and Romany (Gypsy) melodies played on reeds, trumpet, accordion, tuba and drums, Brooklyn favorites Raya Brass Band brings you the best in Eastern European wedding music.

"…There's been a buzz about this band lately and it's well-deserved…These guys took [the party] up a notch." –Lucid Culture

Raya Brass Band draws in both average listeners and Eastern European folk music aficionados alike with its energetic and engaging portable show. As a fully acoustic ensemble, Raya Brass Band can wander freely, bringing a Balkan style dance party to every corner of the room. With members of the band ready to teach basic Balkan dances at the drop of a hat, the audience can choose to listen, learn some new dance steps, or shake everything they've got however they like!

Since its inception, Raya Brass Band has thrilled audiences throughout New York City at events ranging from late night rooftop parties parties, Mardi Gras celebrations and large Balkan music festivals to humble community concerts and impromptu "guerilla" shows. By channeling the festive, exciting and spontaneous music of the Balkans, Raya Brass Band brings the immediate and joyous experience of the Eastern European village brass band from its own "village" of Brooklyn, NY.

The band has recently appeared at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Joe's Pub Summer Salon Series with Sxip Shirey at the Cooper Square Hotel, the Brooklyn Flea, Queens Library, Club Helsinki in Hudson, NY, the Children's Museum of Art in Manhattan and Sarah Small's Tableaux Vivant at One Hanson Place in Brooklyn.

$8.00 - $10.00


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Avi Fox-Rosen with Corn Mo, Raya Brass Band

Thursday, January 9 · Doors 7:30 PM at The Rock Shop