Midnight Magic: An ensemble bonded by the unwavering desire to make you, the listener, and the rhythm become one; the secret love children of Donna Summer and George Clinton serving up an orgasmic feast of funk, disco, electro and soul.

Anchored by alumni of various DFA bands and powered by the enormous vocals of chanteuse Tiffany Roth, Midnight Magic teleported the masses to the dance floor in 2010 with their interstellar 12′′ "Beam Me Up" on Permanent Vacation.

Spring 2011 saw their long awaited follow up single "Drop Me A Line" on Permanent Vacation. Mixed by former DFA house engineer and Sticky Disc founder Eric Broucek and featuring remixes by the likes of Juan Maclean and Holy Ghost!, this fiery banger became the anthem of the love-slave evolution on Alpha Centauri.

Their self-released debut LP 'Walking The Midnight Streets' is available now everywhere on the information superbahn and direct from the band at


Greg Eversoul

As a teenager in the late 80's, Greg Eversoul grew up listening to New Wave, Hip Hop and Rock music. In 1991 after hearing dj's such as Hani and John Chamie drop records like Inner City's "Good Life" and Soul 2 Soul's "Back 2 Life" he was blown away. He started attending Denver's early warehouse parties and taking weekend trips to Los Angeles to go to parties. On one such trip, Greg experienced his 1st real house set by Doc Martin and it changed his concept of electronic music forever. Eversoul started his dj career in 1992 at Denver's Fab Afterhours party alongside Hipp-E, a major influence on his sound to this day. It did not take long before Greg moved on playing at Raves and club events. His dynamic tribal, funky and techy house sets have landed him opening spots for Ritchie Hawtin, Louie Vega, Sasha the Chemical Brothers and many others. As his popularity grew, Eversoul started taking his sound on the road. He has rocked dance floors from San Diego to Montreal, Vancouver to Miami and from New York to Paris. In 2000 Greg relocated to San Francisco where he quickly broke into a very competitive music scene. Eversoul is now considered one of Sf's top dj's and can be found alongside Miguel Migs, Jeno and Mark Farina at San Francisco's premier clubs and parties. As a producer, in 2003 Eversoul and Ben Viguerie released their critically acclaimed debut ep on San Francisco's Character imprint. The record was played by the likes of Danny Howells, Bill Patrick and Dave Mothersole to name a few. As a remix artist, Greg has done re-workings for Vitamin D and Astro&Glyde

Sean Murray

"Sean Murray was born and bred on the San Francisco house Movement of the early 90's. Through his experiences at Seminal early Bay area events like The Wicked full moons and the Gathering, Sean developed a love for the House sound and an appreciation for those who expressed themselves through music.

While Legendary, influential talents like Jeno, John Howard, and Mark Farina paved the way, Sean honed his skills, and his resume, with residencies in some of San Francisco's most respected venues and events like Sf's Sound Factory, Static, 111 Minna st, 1015 Folsom, and the Sunset one offs, campouts, and boat parties.

In addition to his regular nights, Sean has logged an impressive list of appearances having played alongside some of the world most talented artists including: Doc Martin, Ritchie Hawtin, John Tejada, Lance DeSardi, Miguel Migs, The Dirty Bird Crew, Donald Glaude, Sven Vath, Alex Smoke, Fred Everything, Hipp E, Garth, the Hardkiss Brothers to name a few."

Fil Latorre

Fil Latorre is a San Francisco-based DJ and producer, who has been on the electronic music scene since 1993. Less than a year after stepping behind the turntables, he won the first annual Fever/Buzz Battle of the DJs in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then, he has played at events throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America . Fil is the co-founder of Washington D.C.'s Dirty Crew, as well as San Francisco's acclaimed Stap[e. Not pinning himself to one distinct style, Fil has sifted through a mosaic of influences, from classic jazz and obscure '80s Italo-disco, to create a soulful, deep techno and house sound.

Victor Vega

Victor Vega, hailing from Jersey City via Northampton, has been part of the dance-music culture for the past 14 years studying media production, promotion, and learning the music. In 2004, Victor moved from Massachusetts to California to further his knowledge of event and music production, promotion, and DJing.
Some of Victor’s early dance influences were genres such as Latin and Acid House, Hip-Hop, R ’n’ B, World Beat music and such unlikely sounds as Classical and Classic Rock. During the last two and one-half years, Vega has honed his craft of sculpting the sounds of Electro, Tech House, keeping it dirty and juicy so that it makes you want to freaky deaky.
In moving to San Francisco and working with the Fringe Art Collective and Janky barge. Victor has enjoyed the honor of playing alongside artists such as The Juan McLain, Freestylers, Bassnectar, BLVD, Glitch Mob, Stanton Warriors, and DJ Icey in venues such as Poleng Lounge, Anu, Mighty, Rain Dance (Santa Cruz), Get Freaky @ 10:15, Burning Man, and Decompression. Victor countinues his quest for the last three years with the Housepitality Crew.
In the coming years, Victor will be focusing further on music production and in utilizing more hardware technology to extend the fluidity of the mix, and continuing his quest for excellence in event-production for the ever-demanding public. Meanwhile, Vega doesn’t lose sight of the point of all this which is to bring people together to share common interests and participate in the evolution of the culture and, most importantly, to have fun.

DJ Seven




Housepitality SF Crew + Eversoul and Seven + Midnight Magic from Brooklyn, NY = a recipe for one helluva night out! Treasure Island Music Fest is on and we'll be celebrating early and rocking late as one of the unofficial TI Music Fest after-parties. Hell, there's even free vodka drinks from 9pm-10pm for the early birds.

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Midnight Magic (NYC), Greg Eversoul, Sean Murray with Fil Latorre, Victor Vega, DJ Seven

Saturday, October 19 · 9:00 PM at Monarch