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The Walkmen are five New Yorkers who have played rock music since they were 10 years old. All five originally hail from Washington, D.C. where they attended St. Albans high school and played in several bands. Over the years, and in their many ensembles, they've experimented with punk, noise, a lot of "garage" sounds, ska, and rock.

After Jonathan Fire*Eater imploded, Paul Maroon (guitar, piano), Walter Martin (organ/bass), and Matt Barrick (drums) rounded up enough investors to rent a Harlem industrial space, and convert it into a 24-track analog recording studio. Dubbed "Marcata Recording", the new space became the birthplace, home, and virtual sixth member of the Walkmen. Joining with ex-Recoys, Walter's cousin Hamilton Leithauser (vocals, guitar) and his friend Peter Bauer (bass/organ) (who had for years been slaving away in the East Village for spots at the Continental and Luna as The Recoys), the lineup was complete by the summer of 2000. Over the course of the next year the band sedulously wrote and recorded late in the evenings after work. It was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. While adjusting to their new space and equipment, the band engaged in much experimentation with sound.

Their first show took place at Joe's Pub in the East Village in September of 2000. Onto the tiny stage the band lugged an upright piano, a bass cabinet that was taller than the bass player, three amplifiers, an organ, a lap steel, two tape machines, three guitars, and a set of drums. The show was a great success, so they decided to stick together.

Sunwolf was formed in the milieu of DC's present-day garage revival. The brain-child of Rob "Kalani" Tifford, who was seeking both the hazy fuzz of The Seeds and the asymmetrical aggression of Sonic Youth. In 2010, Sunwolf emerged quickly through the DC scene opening for the likes of Deathfix, Ty Segall, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists with live performances that became increasingly more feral and chaotic. The antics on-stage and off, quickly became a concern, leading Kalani to condense Sunwolf to a leaner 3-piece, that included drummer Danny Bentley and bassist Tom Bunnell.

In January, Sunwolf released their eponymous EP, produced and recorded by DC's infamous Uncle Punchy. This self-titled release solidified Kalani's desires for Sunwolf, ultimately leading to many more wild and chaotic affairs up and down the East Coast with the occasional awe inspiring appearances by Jerry Busher (Fugazi, French Toast, Fidelity Jones).

Quickly after the DIY release of their EP, Sunwolf approached Jerry to record and produce a new batch of songs. During the recording process, Kalani realized that Tom was more suitable on guitar and switched to bass. The six songs that Sunwolf recorded are the result of an intense and dynamic collaboration between the band and it's producer.

Angel Eyes is drenched in the sun-soaked swagger of summer love, ensuing lust, and an inspired urbane libretto that would make T. Rex proud, "you're a fire breathing tiger saber-tooth man-eater girl/ yeah that's what you do!"

That, indeed, is WHAT you do.

DJ Will Eastman

 Washington, DC-based DJ and producer Will Eastman has received support from a diverse range of DJs including heavyweights Fatboy Slim and Tiesto. As 1/3 of house trio Volta Bureau, Eastman topped the Beatport indie dance charts in 2012 with "Alley Cat" and has been featured by NPR, BBC Radio 1, FACT Magazine, Urb and Pulse Radio.

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