Lou Shields

Lou Shields is an Artist, Musician, Teacher and Skateboarder who has been living and working in the Chicago area his entire life. He has also traveled extensively and draws on life experiences when making his work. His music is rooted in pre and post war 20th century America with a 21st century perspective. He has a deep appreciation for Delta Blues, Country Blues, early Country and beyond. Shields continues that tradition with respect in the 21st century and transcends any specific genre. He released his first EP in the Spring of 2011 but has been making music for over 20 years.

Soda Gardocki

“A dark, mystical air hangs thick as a hot night on the bayou when Soda and His Million Piece Band convene. And with echoes of Dr. John's Cajun honky-tonk and Nick Cave's raw tales of woeful life and love, the band's self-titled debut could serve as a dusty, horn-and-mandolin-filled soundtrack to "Carnivale." That it comes as a brainchild of Soda -- former guitarist of the mid-'90s MTV flash Wax, a band best known for its Spike Jonze-directed video of a guy on fire running -- could come as a surprise.”
Frank Farrar - Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.

“Soda used to light up the frets in the kinetic pop punk band Wax, and among the many other members are more than a few seasoned hardcore punks. Theirs is the twilight world of dirt roads and mysterious groves of trees and the open prairie full of strangers on the outskirts of town. It's dusty and greasy, tender and cold-hearted all at once. "Lakeshore" is a sad-eyed waltz, a goodbye letter from a man who just can't be bothered to try anymore. "Christine" features some plucked and reverbed guitar and shuffling rhythms and some crazy blowing on a mic'd harmonica. These 10 tracks are all vignettes of American gothic, stories of the cold landscape of the great empty spaces, played by a fantastically crowded band. On slower numbers, like "Sinnerman" the multitude of musicians create their own thread in the tapestry of the song. Far from playing all over each other, they open up the space in the music." ”
-review by www.culturebunker.com - www.culturebunker.com

"Like the bastard lovechild of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Tom Waits in Sin City, shitfaced via Jack Daniels. Or ZZTop on Morphine... I couldn't decide which.
-review by some lady on the internet - internet

Mikey Classic and His Lonesome Spur

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist for Goddamn Gallows, I'm Doing Oldschool Country Blues Performances on my time off

Adam Lee

In the world of a working band there is no greater constant than the road. Few know this better than Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company, the Kansas City trio who put their original spin on that classic country sound. With the upcoming release of their sophmore album, 'When the Spirits Move Me,' Lee and company touch on many of the elements so familiar to their life on the road. From wild nights in far away towns, to barroom brawls and goodbye kisses, the band expertly explain their travelling life. All with the swingin' shuffles and country flair of your favorite 45's. But then again, winding highways and endless mile markers are something they know well. Upon completion of their first record, 'Ghostly Fires,' the band commenced a wide-spread and heavy touring schedule, playing over 100 shows and half of the US in their first year alone. Since the release of 'Ghostly Fires' the band has also spent a good deal of time refining their already unique sound. While their first album touches on the more subtle tones of Americana, 'When the Spirits Move Me' focuses on the band's affinity for classic country. Twelve tracks of heartbreaking honky tonk that sound right at home in the swingin beer joints and rural roadhouses the band often plays. Leading the way is Adam Lee whose basement baritone perfectly presents the highs and lows of life on the road. Joining Lee are Johnny Kay (electric guitar, mandolin) and Boomerang Dave Bruchmann (upright bass), and when this train starts a-chuggin, folks had better hold on. It's something that comes naturally to the band, just like the country music they play. While you may have heard country music, you've never heard (or seen) it like this. Their live show is a rowdy and rollicking good time full of all original honky tonk music -- songs to drink to, cry to, and most of all dance to. So bring a date, grab a drink, and don't forget your dancin' shoes. Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company are headed down the highway, and there's no end in sight.



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Lou Shields with Soda Gardocki, Mikey Classic and His Lonesome Spur, Adam Lee

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