Dean Falcone's Annual Thanksgiving Vomitorium, Vol. 20

Dean Falcone's Annual Thanksgiving Vomitorium, Vol. 20

Dean Falcone’s Annual Vomitorium 20th Anniversary Show

Featuring: Ed Valauskas, Jim Balga, Dean Falcone & Rick Mealey

Yep, it’s been 20 years of this silliness. Thank you all!

This year:
Songs of 1977: Songs from this great year that run the gambit from The ABBA –Sex Pistols.
And a special set of Fictitious Bands ranging from The Partridge Family –Spinal Tap.

Come hear your favorite fake bands and songs from 1977 slaughtered and massacred the way they deserve in this festive American holiday tradition where friend and foe come together and then attack each other with blows of unrehearsed tunes. Will Johnny Rotten pee in Barry Gibb’s drink? Will Spinal Tap shave Keith Partridge’s hair off?
· We overcook perfectly good songs and violate them!”™
· Watch friends and enemies battle their way through songs they don’t know! ™
· Watch in amazement as audience members are unwillingly dragged to the stage to sing! ™
· See who fills the Vomitorium buckets with holiday cheer! ™
· See all your favorite bar stars! ™

You never know who is going to show up or what they’re going to play – and often we don’t either, until it happens.

This year performers include: Jennifer D'Angora (Jenny Dee & The Deeliquents, Downbeat 5), Shellye Valauskas, Dave Schneider (The Zambonis), Brian Stevens (The Cavedogs) Chris Arnott, Kyle Summer, Rich Dart (the Monkees), David Sieser, Michael Cooper, Cary Pollack, Kierstin Joy Pupkowski, Stephany Brown, Cristina Harris, Kriss Santala, Bruce Crowder, Loralee Geil, Matt Pynn, The Doob®, Tom Hughes and more to come.



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