A Faylene Sky

A Faylene Sky

After their first release in 2007, "The Hero Vs. Us", A Faylene Sky made themselves public to the Providence, Rhode Island music scene and began a journey to be heard. By the time their second EP was released in 2009, "Define Alive", the band became widely recognized as an original new footprint in post-hardcore. The six-piece aims to excite a variety of different emotions for any listener, and tell stories within lyrics that stimulate the imaginations of fans. The members of A Faylene Sky will stop at nothing to deliver the most moving riffs as well as punishing breakdowns. They will tackle their obstacles as a team and celebrate their success as a family.

The band has shared their music to over six hundred fans at once as they headlined the national act venue of their state. They were also the winners of the Taste of Chaos Battle of the Bands contest, and were set to play in their home state with some of their very own influences. In april 2010, the band had once again made it to first place on the Purevolume.com Top Downloads chart upon the release of their cover of Taio Cruz's "Break Your Heart." The new cover has popularized the band even more this year. But, it is only an introduction to the new material that is soon to be released. The latest upcoming songs are expected to display the band in a new light with genius riffs and epic composition.

The Apprehended

Beaufort, South Carolina post-hardcore outfit, The Apprehended, are not attempting to reinvent the wheel. Rather, the quintet are attempting to perfect the wheel. These scene veterans are no greenhorns to the ins-and-outs of the controversial genre. Their brand of high-octane, passionate rock music is in your face and takes no prisoners. The Apprehended are not post-hardcore apologist either. What you get is everything they have.

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+$3 at door if under 21

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A Faylene Sky with The Apprehended, more TBA

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