Robert Torbica

Robert Torbica (born April 13, 1983) is a fully-independent, multi-instrumentalist musician, singer-songwriter, producer, performer, poet & visual artist born and based in Toronto, ON. He has been issuing full length, solo releases since 2001 and is currently at work in all areas of the arts; literary, musically, and visually. As DJ and Musical Director, he will provide the soundtrack to your Reaper's Mansion experience! Robert Torbica can be found on Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes.

Shannon Kelly

Shannon began her music career at the age of ten, taking electric guitar lessons. She realized then, she had a passion and a gift. By the age of 13, Shannon started learning how to write and create songs, going to camps and workshops over the years helping her achieve her skills and at the young age 16 years, Shannon is now creating her first album. She is just beginning her music career and already it's off to a great start having performed at several venues already, such as the coffee house, TEM Haunted House Charity Event and Sharonstock.

With a unique alternative-pop acoustic sound, Shannon is an inspiration to young generations, writing about life and love from a teenagers eyes. Her passion and love for music emanates through her songs, sharing her stories and emotions along the way. She's come so far already and her journey is just beginning!

Mathew Edmondson

Mathew Edmondson was born and raised in the Durham region! Mathew has been singing since he was 4 years old.
He plays multiple instruments and enjoys all Genre's of music. Mathew is a competitive dancer at TJ's Dance Troop in Bowmanville.
He is currently 1st runner up Shine National dance champion.
Mathew has done numerous television commercials, movies, drama's and Musicals.
He currently has 3 songs on youtube. Mathew goes by M3. His first song is Dream M3 (featuring Tottayyy) Get up M3 (Ft. Tottayyy) and Beautiful M3. Mathew wrote all his own Lyrics. Keep your eyes open there are some big things in the works for Mathew!
Mathew loves to entertain and cannot wait to take the stage!!!


Escape is a duo consisting of members, Alan Kulka and Chris Ning, who have been writing and performing together for nearly a decade. They are currently working on original music together and playing shows all around Ontario. The duo is very excited to be part of Reaper’s Mansion and can’t wait to perform for the terrified guests. Exact performance dates are TBD, so follow them on twitter @music_esc for the latest updates.


Electronic duo from Toronto

$5.00 - $15.00


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