Madison Music Foundry's "Rock Workshop"

Madison Music Foundry's "Rock Workshop"

Since 2008 over 150 students have performed in over 40 bands. Each band focuses primarily on writing original material with the goal of learning at least three songs. This show marks the end of the summer session of Rock Workshop in which the bands do all of the above but in the span of two weeks.

These musicians always pour their heart into the show while parents, friends and the general public are consistently impressed by the incredible amount of talent and showmanship from these talented musicians young and old.

The Madison Music Foundry education philosophy puts a heavy emphasis on practical application. In line with that philosophy, the Student Jam gives students the opportunity to take what they've learned in private lessons and perform it in public! Students learn their part to a song and then jump on stage and play it with others who've learned the same song. It’s a great way to give students some on-stage experience and is a fun time for parents and friends to get to watch them play!

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Family Friendly Event

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Madison Music Foundry's "Rock Workshop"

Sunday, December 15 · 12:00 PM at High Noon Saloon