Null Device, The Dark Clan, Midas Bison

Null Device

In the mid-90′s, a trio of college housemates were each endeavoring to do something creative. One was poking madly at synthesizers and computers, another was writing poetry, and the third was playing keyboards and singing. Finally, after spending many nights out together at dance clubs, trading numerous mixtapes of obscure European dance acts, and a debating endlessly about pop music and star trek, they decided to work together as a band. Finally. It seemed so obvious.
They then each moved to far-flung corners of the country.
This was the era of the .com boom, so it wasn’t long before they were trading lyrics, ideas, and song sketches via that newfangled internet. Null Device continues this day to collaborate transcontinentally and occasionally trans-globally.
Since then, they’ve released 5 full-length albums, handfuls of EPs, singles, remixes and collaborations, and performed across the US.
Null Device is: Eric Oehler (vocals, synths, violin), Jill Sheridan (vocals, keyboards), Eric Goedken (lyrics, production)

The Dark Clan

Like Ashman and Schwartz trying to stop the Dragonforce guys from stealing The Postal Service's lunch money, the Dark Clan is a heartbreakingly sincere, over-the-top, genre-bending good time.

Consisting of equal parts metal, showtunes, dance, electro, goth, and synth, the Dark Clan slowly took form as a solo side project from 1998-2003 while its sole member, Dan Clark, was busy with other bands that all no longer exist. How ironic. The project gained more focus after some tracks began receiving local club play, and really solidified after the first album "Oh, but the stars still shine..." was completed in 2004 and featured on a local radio show.

Because The Dark Clan is intended to be a place where Dan can write and record whatever he damn well pleases, one can expect to hear lots of species counterpoint, big pop hooks, big fat beats, big ridiculous harmonies, and big ol' guitar solos at some point or other in most everything the Dark Clan does. The Dark Clan likes to Go Big, y'see. Also, Dan wants you to know he's totally not compensating for any anatomical deficiencies with all this "big" stuff. Really.

In addition to his work in The Dark Clan, Dan is also the guitarist in Stromkern and Siv (of which he is also a co-founder), sometimes contributes recording facilities, arrangements, and other miscellany to the Gothsicles, and until summer '07 was also the guitarist in Null Device.

Midas Bison

Midas Bison makes music of all varieties, often combining different traits in the same songs to accomplish a sort of sonic imagery. Each EP has a stylistic intention behind it and the tones within the piece are meant to express a theme or motif, whether it be the phenomena of the woods, the imagination of a child with a Gameboy, or the deepest depths of the Pacific. Each EP is meant to stand alone as it is, as a cohesive work that maintains a thematic atmosphere, regardless of genre or label. Midas has played a few shows in the Madison area with nationally touring artists such as Maps and Atlases, Chad Valley, Ghost Beach, Mutts and Kids and Explosions.

Midas also founded the What Son? Collective, a group of musicians and artists dedicated to positive promotion, serious artistic communities, and elevated experimental expression.

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Null Device, The Dark Clan, Midas Bison

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