Till Von Sein

“Till Von Sein is the master of arrogance, mostly because he rocks crispy white tee’s with catchy slogans on them for like maybe two or three uses tops and then throws them away. Plus whenever he’s buying sneakers, homeboy always cops two pair. I mean, if that ain’t keeping it really real in Berlin, than we don’t even know.” Soul Clap, Boston, 2010.

Till is a typical urban kid; growing up in the nineties with skateboarding and hip hop, he was running his own street wear shop for seven years until he in 2006 decided to focus 100% on his music career.

Besides working as the booking agent for a number of infamous German acts, Till is also a heavily acclaimed dj and producer with releases on labels like Supplement Facts, Suol and Dirt Crew Recs, with collaborations with Tigerskin, Aera, Chopstick, Catz’n'Dogz etc. and with remixes on Ministry of Sound, Plastic City and many others on the discography.

His heart and dedication, however, is to be found in dj’ing. For the past two years he has been travelling all over the world; South Africa, Japan, US and all over Europe never letting the dancefloor down. A dj set from Till Von Sein is soulful and pop infused, you for sure never know what you are gonna get – only thing certain is, that it will be some wicked stuff.

Von Sein released his first solo album for Suol in October 2011. In 2013 we’re awaiting 2nd Mix CD on Suol right after Fritz Kalkbrenner. More to come.


Palermo-native Rosario is a man of action. Party sergeant by night, like a dog in heat, he’s never satisfied with a bone that’s thrown at him. His energy brightens the vibe and is felt immediately when he is around and the party’s always better when Rosario’s behind the decks.

Rosario is an integral part of the DC-nightlife scene. He was a fixture in the notorious afterhours Rent parties and continues to be in popular demand, regularly asked to perform at parties by various promoters.

Benoit Benoit

Born in New York, growing up in Paris, Benoit couldn't get away from house if he tried. His first introduction to house was at the age 12, when one of his father's girlfriend's gave him a Giant Step Recordings compilation. From that moment on, he was fascinated by the grooves and began his exploration of all things that required a deeper sensibility. Going to clubs in Paris such as the Queen, L'enfer, Les Bains Douche, he understood that house was a very powerful tool. Going to clubs in New York such as Vinyl, Shelter, Sound Factory at an early age, he understood the roots of house and more than anything the uniting power and spiritual experience it can provide. In 2010, Benoit founded Deep Secrets in an attempt to share that experience with others.

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Till Von Sein with Rosario, Benoit Benoit

Friday, November 1 · Doors 10:00 PM at Flash