Ceiba Tropical Funkraiser

Tani Diakite and the Afro-Funkstars

Tani is a musical force who has inspired an entire community of artists. With his Kamale n'goni, a West African ancestor to the banjo, and his plaintive singing, he never fails to drop the deepest blues around.


For a relatively young band on the Madison scene, Chafo's sound has evolved several times since they first began making music nearly two years ago. From jazz to dub reggae, funk to latin, Chafo is consistently weaving a changing web of musical sounds and ideas, always looking for the next place to explore. Their live shows are filled with energy, evidenced by the large dancing crowds routinely seen at Chafo shows. However, unlike your average band, one sitting down listening will find them energetic in another sense. Chafo strives to lay down an interesting groove that gets people stimulated in mind and body, and leaves everyone feeling spirited by the end of the show.

Formed within the confines of the UW-music school, Chafo brings together an eclectic mix of musical styles sure to please all palates. Drawing heavy influences from early 70's Funk and Jazz bands such as The Meters, Herbie Hancock, and Freddie Hubbard, Chafo keeps any crowd moving. If Chafo was a stew: Funk would be the broth, Reggae, Blues and Hip-Hop would be the ingredients, and Latin would be the spice. Whatever the occasion or venue, Chafo will be keeping it funky.


$10 / $8 w/ Student ID

$10 / $8 w/ Student ID

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Ceiba Tropical Funkraiser with Tani Diakite and the Afro-Funkstars, Chafo, Metabaque

Thursday, November 14 · 8:30 PM at High Noon Saloon