Harvey Eyeballs, Animal Tropical, The Breaking Yard, Megan Lui

Harvey Eyeballs

harvey eyeballs makes strange rock and roll sounds for the rejects and outcasts on the fringe of society. he is the alter ego of fox schwach, mastermind of the brooklyn-based operation.

Animal Tropical

Combining elements of jazz, Indian percussion, African rhythms, and western classical music. From Miami.

The Breaking Yard

The Breaking Yard is a Portland, Oregon based quintet whose intricate instrumentation, haunting harmonies and swelling energy has enthralled audiences all over the country. Mel Woodall and Stephen Baker---the primary songwriters---have drawn from their differing musical backgrounds and influences to write songs full of musical and lyrical vibrancy that has been described by many as, “cinematic.”

While, in the beginning, The Breaking Yard was an acoustic duo with guitars and voices, the band’s sound---while maintaining its intimate nature---has ramped up and evolved into a torrent of musical parts. The band of multi-instrumentalists uses the violin, hammered dulcimer, glockenspiel, drums, chains, electric guitar, harmonium, bass and 8-string ukelele to make a beautiful, yet powerful and robust experience.

Megan Lui

Stemming from different regions of the Tri-State area, raised in various nations and on opposite coast's, M.Lui now calls Brooklyn, New York their home.
Kenji Herbert hails from Austria and Japan and stays on the experimental side of things. His Playing is often mistaken for Zen Magic.
If caught at the right moment Dan Drohan can be chumming around with an I-Pod in hand trying to convince crowds of people to listen to cult experimental polka music. If settled down, his playing is powerful and moving, and is a grounding element in the group.
Megan Lui is the comfy down pillow, laying out the structures and melodies. She is NOT a Fox, contrary to popular belief. She IS from Northern California.
The group has been described as a convergence of three elements: A NAIL. ONE STICK OF GUM. and A POUND OF GUNPOWDER.


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Harvey Eyeballs, Animal Tropical, The Breaking Yard, Megan Lui

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