Magmana (Record Release Party!)

Magmana (Record Release Party!)

Magmana is Joan Tick and Caleb Lindskoog, a couple that offers an intimate take on the back and forth between lovers, friends, and the soundscapes in between. Joan sings intuitively moody songs inspired by the views of the outsider, heartbreak, and the neuroses associated with being an artist while Caleb leads you on guitar through deep surprising arrangements. Emerging from a folk background, their music is strange, cinematic and moody -- spanning despair and whimsy to create compelling emotional narratives. This year they will be releasing their full-length album, Fiend. In the meantime you can hear one of the album's new tracks, Rabblt Holes. Watch the video here:

Glass Ghost (Video Premier/Album Release Party!)

Mike and Eliot met at a wedding gig. They shared a moment of absurdity as the bride and groom danced in zombie-like motions across the hotel’s shiny ballroom floor. For their next gig, the two played in Best of Boston, a loose-jawed jazz band that performed at such odd venues as the clothing store Louis Boston, VFW halls, and community centers for ex-convicts and for kids.

Eliot moved to New York and Mike moved to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. In 2005, Eliot co-created the band Flying and Mike joined soon after. In March 2008, Flying had dissipated. Inspired by jam sessions that took place under Mike’s loft bed, Eliot and Mike formed Glass Ghost. They quickly discovered that the music was able to speak even with only two band-members, yet they made it a point to strive for bigger sounds using only keyboards, drums and vocals.

In the summer of 2008, in a brownstone in Fort Greene, Glass Ghost recorded the album now known as Idol Omen with producer Tyler Wood, (Joan as Police Women, Luke Temple, Chester French). Idol Omen, (which features Sheinkopf on some tracks), was released in October of 2009 on Western Vinyl recordings. The song “Like a Diamond” was featured on the final episode of the HBO show Bored To Death. Jason Schwartzman makes out with a girl while the smoke from his joint fills the room; in the background are the sounds of Glass Ghost. In 2009, Glass Ghost toured the country with White Rabbits and played shows with Deerhoof, Dirty Projectors, and Here We Go Magic. Glass Ghost is currently gearing up for a new album.

"The overall tone of the band's debut album, "Idol Omen," is one of gorgeous patience and stepping lightly into this new world that's painted silver and frozen blue, white and light pink, a world that begins and ends with someone before a fire, trying to warm themselves back to an operative state, where they can enjoy the tea that's on the stove, the laughter and fresh air in the distance and the way that it makes you feel to recover from a numbing" - Daytrotter

Raised in the urban sprawl, Stranger Cat was born out of a respite in the wilderness. As most stories go, she was seeking a noiseless place for musing, but found instead a sentient beast stalking through the woods, be it animal, alien, or deity; she memorized its sound.

Stranger Cat is the new project from Cat Martino. Her penchant for loop effects was inspired by homebound isolation from a debilitating neuromuscular affliction several years ago that mysteriously could not be diagnosed. Isolated to her bedroom for the better part of a year, a simple microphone and loop pedal became her new choir. Now restored to health, she celebrates her freedom of movement by creating lush layers with voice, synthesizers, and electronics that gamut ethereal, soulful, and turbulent chaos, inspired by the body in motion.

Cat retreated from Brooklyn, NY to winter in the Sierra Foothills and wrote and recorded new songs. Simple melodies or beats morphed into powerful walls of sound to melt in through snowstorms, howling winds, or stark silence nestled by gargantuan oaks and the infinite starry dome.

Joined by co-collaborator Sven Britt for a week, they traded recording each other on casios, synths, guitars, drum machines, branches and spoons.

Often a cat would come to the door to listen, meowing to be let in. When it appeared daily they called it Stranger Cat, observing its alien supernatural powers, as she’d heard tell of the Foothills’ history of UFO sightings and ghost haunts. One day they let Stranger Cat in. The plump feline ate all the kitty food and left.

The Brooklyn native was Sufjan Stevens’ right hand woman for Age of Adz andAll Delighted People records and world tour, and will co-release a Flexi-Disc with Stevens on Joyful Noise Records Fall 2013 they co-wrote/produced. Cat sings on the new Son Lux record Lanterns, recorded/toured with Sharon Van Etten circa Epic, appeared with The Shins on SNL and Williamsburg Park, played in Passion Pit at Governor’s Ball. She has opened tours in US or EU for Indians, Night Beds, Rufus Wainwright, Marissa Nadler, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Patrick Watson and more. She also really likes to jam and create with many of her brilliant creative friends you may never have heard of but will hopefully soon!

Martino has toured internationally, in support of Rufus Wainwright, RIDE frontman Mark Gardener, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and more. Cat has enjoyed singing with and/or organizing small choirs for local friends Sharon Van Etten, Sufjan Stevens, Joseph Arthur, & Swedish artists Anna Ternheim, Nina Persson (The Cardigans), A Camp, and Marit Bergman. Other musical conspirators have been found in multi-instrumentalist/Producer Jack Petruzzelli (Rufus Wainwright, Patti Smith), Ben Kalb (Regina Spektor), Nathan Larson (Angela McKluskey, Shudder to Think.), Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley), and Joe & Robin Bennet (of Goldrush, Dusty and the Dreaming Spires Truckfest).


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Magmana (Record Release Party!) with Glass Ghost (Video Premier/Album Release Party!), Stranger Cat, Too Many Chicks (DJ Set)

Sunday, November 24 · Doors 8:30 PM at Glasslands Gallery

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