The Coast Is Ours, Taking Canyon, Cognatus, Saving Avery

The Coast Is Ours

We are a pop/punk/popcore band out of denver colorado!

Taking Canyon

Taking Canyon is a brand new alternative/rock/pop band that formed in the summer of 2011. They are excited about what they feel is a new and original sound that they are trying to bring to the music scene. They're interested in trying to expand as much as they can and play as many shows with different bands as much as possible. Their main goals are to have fun and make music that everyone can enjoy, dance to, and sing along with!

Saving Avery

Saving Avery aims to create a new, unique blend of pop, punk, and alternative rock. Mixing fast bass lines with intense drums, heavy guitar with pretty vocals, and an energetic show that gets people moving.

Saving Avery has only gotten it's feet wet with a few shows, but performs a tight set that provides both a mean rhythm section and an endearing front man who aim to not only play, but to perform."

Kenny Gestner | Vocals/Guitar
Ryan Fraser | Bass
Shannon Evans | Drums/Vocals

$5 - $10


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The Church


The Coast Is Ours, Taking Canyon, Cognatus, Saving Avery

Thursday, November 14 · 8:30 PM at The Church