All I've Got is a Photograph

All I've Got is a Photograph

Participating musicians have been asked to find one or two photos (preferably anonymous, from a thrift store or the like) and write songs or stories about them. The photos will be shown on a screen on stage while the song is being performed, and musicians may also use any costumes or props to enhance the story!

Performers include: Elisa Flynn, Lys Guillorn, Brother Burnet, Dave Hogan, The Sawtelles, George Hakkila, An Historic, Grimm Generation, Mercy Choir, Steve Asetta, + more TBD!

Lys Guillorn and Her Band

Lys Guillorn & Her Band play an undefinable mix of psych-folk-rock-twang with a little bit of crunch. Their 2-song single “Sunny Side Down" was recorded at Bridgeport’s Gold Coast Recorders and was released in January. Lys Guillorn is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who loves her '72 Fender Mustang. She will be accompanied by drummer Peter Riccio (also of the Sawtelles), bassist Eric Bloomquist (Bronson Rock, Chica Non Grata), and keyboardist Julie Beman (Chica Non Grata). Guillorn has two full-length studio records, an oddities collection, and an EP, all available on Bandcamp.

Elisa Flynn

Elisa Flynn grew up in Yonkers, NY, and after taking years of classical piano lessons, discovered the Clash, and her life was changed forever. She decided it was her destiny to play punk rock guitar, but had no idea how. (This was illustrated in her role as a founding member of noise rockers the Bunny Brains.)

A few years later, she bought a $70 sparkly red Sears guitar in a run-down Main Street music shop, and began her musical career in 90’s Danbury, CT, a small city with a quirky local music scene. Learning as she went, she took up playing with a vengeance as a member of Freakbaby (later called Jet Jaguar), a roiling punk and free jazz-inspired combo, for 6 years.

After moving to Brooklyn, Elisa spent 2 years in the band The Happy Ending as a guitarist and singer, but when the band split up, she went solo. After taking voice lessons from Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), she took her stronger voice and headed out with an acoustic guitar and a suitcase full of effects pedals. Her first EP, "Dimestore Mary" came out in 2006, and was called a “collection of songs raw and rigid in execution,” by, and said “the world needs more songs like this.” She released her first album, Songs About Birds & Ghosts, on her own Cat in a Dress Records. Recorded at Emandee Studio in Brooklyn by Mark Ospovat, it features Anders Griffen (who has worked with Jeff Lewis, Regina Spektor, Diane Cluck and many more) on drums, and Ospovat on bass. Her EP "19th Century Songs" was released in April 2011, also featuring Griffen and Ospovat.

She has played regularly at many venues in NYC, including the Sidewalk Café, Zebulon, Pete’s Candy Store, the Cake Shop, Spike Hill, Banjo Jim's, Small Beast at the Delancey, the Way Station, and at the acclaimed underground Picasso Machinery series. She has also played venues in CT, CA, MA, PA, and VT.

The Sawtelles

Married duo the Sawtelles are a balance of four elements, alternate-tuned guitar, various drum kit configurations, and two voices. They consist of Peter Riccio on guitar and vocals and Julie Riccio on drums. Sparse but intricately arranged pop that is as lush as it is threadbare makes what is played as important as what isn’t. Their strict DIY philosophy aligns them more with the hand-painted Sun Ra LP’s of 1950’s and 60’s than it does with those striving for mainstream commercial success.

Frank Critelli

Frank Critelli writes songs. He dabbles in haiku and other short poetry. He also writes other things. Like postcards. His songs are available on compact disc, download, or stream at places like iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, and Pandora

Frank Critelli often performs live. Sometimes he performs solo, sometimes he is accompanied by one or more musical co-conspirators. Over the years he’s played in streets and subways, barrooms and classrooms, coffeehouses and colleges, theaters, festivals, and (most recently) in his kitchen.

Daphne Lee Martin

!! After a whirlwind affair with roots music, garnering her several songwriting and performance awards, including CT Music Awards' 2012 Country Artist of the Year, Daphne Lee Martin is back in force with a new collections of songs on her latest record, Moxie.

Boasting a new cast of characters in a deeply provocative and reflective story, Daphne's live show leans heavily on trip hop, blue-eyed soul and prohibition-era voodoo all set in a seedy cabaret. Moxie was produced by Bill Readey, right here in New Haven, and features several guests from the wealth of the Elm City's music scene, including John Panos (Mates of State), Matt Lindauer (Sugarbat), Eric Stevenson (Pocket Vinyl),Milksop:Unsung, Matt Thomas (M.T.Bearington), Sam Perduta (Elison Jackson) and Erik Elligers (Goodnight Blue Moon).

Mercy Choir

Mercy Choir is the songwriting and recording project of New Haven, CT based musician Paul Belbusti. Over the past decade, Paul has produced a large quantity of critically acclaimed music ranging from abstract experiments to more traditional pop and rock and roll. His newest record is called "His Noiseless Ball, His Boxwood Rattle."

Chris Bousquet

Chris Bousquet is singer-songwriter from Connecticut. He is the former leader of the internationally acclaimed High Lonesome Plains, and as well as the widely regarded Alligator Farmhouse. He has performed with such luminaries as Roger McGuinn, Miracle Legion, John Sebastian, Asleep at the Wheel, The Nields, Mark Mulcahy, The Turtles, Tim Easton, J. Geils, and Susan Cowsill.

The High Lonesome Plains rose to critical acclaim between 1999 and 2006, receiving airplay and garnering critical acclaim on four continents, Americana-UK called their 2002 EP Songs For Young Lovers, “one of the year’s best.” Rolling Stone writer and Australian DJ Stuart Coupe called it "the best thang to arrive in the mail for ages." The lead track on the EP, "Brass Ring" was featured in the independent film The Box, the television show Witchblade and was included on 36,000 copies of a Magnet Magazine New Music Sampler.

In 2006 The High Lonesome Plains released a full length album entitled The River and the Sea which received glowing praise both domestically and abroad (including Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, Australia and Spain). Rootstime Belgium called the record “a classic!” selected “The River and the Sea” as their record of the year.

From 2004 to 2007 Chris toured the Northeast as part of the “Times Three Tour” with songwriters Frank Critelli and Mr. Ray Neal (Miracle Legion, Vic Chesnutt).

Chris released a free, solo EP entitled "Ulmus Americana" in 2008. In 2010, his song “Alone on a Wire” was included on the “Not Before My Time” compilation.
Press quotes:

"Memorable melodies and intoxicating hooks that are instantly appealing . . . well worth tracking down." - Del Day, Americana-UK

"Bousquet writes songs that grab at the throat, heart, and soul." - Rootstime Belgium

"Bousquet's melodies pour out with folksy ease, his memorable choruses invite singing along, and his lyrics are smart without being show-offy" - Brian LaRue, The New Haven Advocate

"Gentle songs of wistful longing and uncomfortable self- reflection, city lights as a metaphor for fading dreams and nature as symbolic of freedom or at least a change from modern despairs" -Christopher Arnott, The New Haven Advocate

"A well-crafted collection of Americana/alt-country songs with a road-worn vibe that calls to mind riding down a flat stretch of two-lane asphalt that stretches straight to the horizon. . . . these dozen songs dig in with gentle understatement. " - Eric Danton, The Hartford Courant

"A dusty alt-country sound that feels more like twangy folk than roots rock." -Pat Ferrucci New Haven Register

"The High Lonesome Plains brand of country rock works precisely because its so distinctive but still manages to sound innately memorable on first listen. Definitely one of the best EPs of the year so far." -Americana UK

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