Alan Sparhawk solo set w. Greycoats, Prissy Clerks

Alan Sparhawk

Alan Sparhawk is best known for his work in his minimalist-pop band Low & his angst-ridden-blues band The Black-Eyed Snakes. His solo guitar-work follows sounds hinted at on songs like "Do You Know How To Waltz" or the Songs for a Dead Pilot version of "Will the Night". Reverb driven ambient guitar experiments like other Silber artists Remora, Aarktica, & Mike VanPortfleet.


It's a rare thing to find smart, poetic lyricism in pop music. Greycoats' anglo-rock manages to spend both words and melody wisely. Their debut full-length album, "Setting Fire to the Great Unknown" (self-released, 2008) was marked by strong ambition, heartfelt romanticism and big ideas with a cinematic sweep exploring the mechanics of polarization. Their music found airtime on the hit teen drama Gossip Girl, leading to national exposure for the quartet from Minnesota and a tour of both U.S. coasts through the end of 2009.

They returned to the Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis and enlisted the help of guitarist Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird) to assist in production of their follow-up effort. Two years later, they emerged with a tighter, more determined sound and a collection of stories surrounding a post-utopian twilight, "World of Tomorrow". Where "Setting Fire" drew against a backdrop of WWI as it tread through a dystopian molasses, "Tomorrow" finds inspiration in the 1939 World's Fair and an America that's slowly lost it's carbonation.

They will soon be embarking on a U.S. tour in support of their new release, so be sure to catch their energetic and transcendent shows, as their rich and multi-layered sound is always a head-turning affair.

Prissy Clerks

Prissy Clerks started during jealous rage, now, somewhat calmer.


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Alan Sparhawk solo set w. Greycoats, Prissy Clerks with Greycoats, Prissy Clerks

Wednesday, November 27 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

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